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Why You're Not Getting What You Want in Life! The "I Wish" Mentality

Why You’re Not Getting what You Want in Life! The "I Wish" Mentality

“I wish I could have a body like that, I wish I could make more money, I wish I could get a better job, I wish, I wish, I wish…” It seems like everyone these days wishes for what they want to do in life. Unfortunately, wishing for something is nothing more than wanting the final outcome of something without wanting to put in the work.

Goals and accomplishments may be how many people are defining success in their lives. While this won’t lead to purpose and fulfillment, you will be checking off some boxes - literally. The main reason why you’re not getting where or what you want in life is because you are simply wishing.

In order to fully appreciate what it takes to make more money or save more you need to know what it feels like to work your butt off to get there. The process is critical to go through and enjoy during any aspect of life. Wishing will not get you what you want, in fact quite the opposite.

When you wish you are already accepting defeat. I wish I could do that one day and is already creating a roadblock in front of you, whether you can see it or not. It will take time, effort, patience, and consistency to get what you want, this is normal. “I wish” is simply a death sentence towards not accomplishing what you want.

When I competed in Men’s Physique shows, I used to hear phrases like this nearly daily. I was into working out at the gym for many years and decided to get into competing to take it to the next level. It took years of sacrifice, eating, sleeping, and training night and day. People around me at the gym, family, friends, and strangers would say I wish I could do that or there is no way I’d ever be able to do that!

As Henry Ford once said “whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right.” The fact is that each and every one of these people that said this could have competed if they actually wanted to. No matter what they’re age or physical ability level. With small steps each day you can eventually accomplish big things. These people wanted the end result (usually a lean aesthetic physique) without putting in the thousands of hours of training, resting, and meal prepping it takes to get there.

The truth is you need to stop wishing for things and take responsibility for your own actions. Remove the words “I wish” from your vocabulary all together. If you catch yourself saying them stop and correct yourself. Instead you could say, I think it would be great to do something like that one day!


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Stop Limiting Yourself

Whether you believe it right now or not, you’re the only limiting factor in your life. Your job, career path, education, friends, car you drive, house you live in, physical fitness, and more are all directly related to you and your choices over the previous years. Sometimes things can happen to us unexpectedly - that is life. But, you really do have the power of how to react and what you’re going to do about it. The things you can control take charge, the things you can’t control, don’t sweat it.

If you keep using words like I wish and I can’t you will reap those results. The vocabulary you use on a daily basis plays a significant role in where you are headed in life. Try to eliminate these negative words and the victim mentality on a daily basis. This could be anything like saying “why do all these bad things happen to me.”

What you say ultimately leads to what you believe. These beliefs will no doubt be the form and foundation of your life. We currently live in an age where world records get broken all the time. Inventions like technology are changing the way the world works and operates each year. Things that were thought to be impossible just years ago are breaking barriers at an alarming rate.

Take Responsibility

Until you decide to take responsibility for your own life and accept that you are in the driver's seat you will continue to complain and act like a victim. The onus is on you and the decisions you make each day. Why do people tend to use excuses as their main weapon of choice? Simple, because it’s easy…

The easy route is the road often taken and this is why excuses get thrown around every day by a lot of people. Whether it’s I have kids, no time, no money, the wrong connections, born at the wrong time, or not the right age, the list goes on forever. I am not perfect and I catch myself making excuses for why I am unable to do something. The main point is you want to beware of when you do this and correct it. Eventually you will be able to rid them for longer periods of time.

Remember, as I said early what you believe will manifest that into your life. If you say you're too old or too young to do or accomplish something, then you are! While there is never a wrong time to try something new and venture out, you may believe there is.


Go After it

It’s never too late or early to do something in your life. If you’re not getting what you want, keep trying, keep adjusting, and don’t stop until you get there. There is never a perfect time to do something in life - this is a huge myth.

Procrastination is the ultimate dream killer. Waiting until next week, month, or year. You have the duty to do what you want in life. Whether this means to make an impact helping others through your own struggles or enjoying life as much as possible.

Achievements do give us a sense of fulfillment to some degree. The focus and why for your achievements will be a big determining factor of that fulfillment.


3 Steps to Win in Life

  1. Enjoy the process - stop wishing for what you want!

  2. Take responsibility for your life and actions.

  3. Figure out what you want to achieve and take the first step towards getting there.

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