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The Why and Top 5 Values in Your Life

The Why & Top 5 Values in Your Life - Your Optimal Lifestyle Blog

The Why and Top 5 Values in Your Life

Figuring out your why is a key piece of information to guide you in your life. A new year calls for a new heading or an adjustment back to the direction you want to go. Understanding your why and top 5 values in life will help you to make decisions easier.

Your values are important to understanding your why and what matters to you in life. A new year can give you new life and meaning. A fresh start so to speak. Another 365 days of opportunity lay ahead. Are you ready to start?

Do you know your why?

Do you know what values you hold?

Today I want to get into these two major questions and why they're important in your life.

When you know why you want something it allows you to dig deep and do what’s necessary in order to accomplish something big. Without a strong why, you can give up too easily and fail to achieve your goals.

Your WHY

With any goal you want to have a strong supporting factor behind it - a WHY. The truth and reason for why it really matters to you and what it would mean to accomplish.

For example - let’s say your goal is to earn a million dollars by June 21st 2022. Do you know why you want to earn a million dollars? Is it solely to become a millionaire or is there a BIGGER more meaningful reason?

Earning a million dollars is a huge goal for most and there will likely be many setbacks and difficult times on your way to achieving it. If your sole reason is to become rich you will likely fall short. Whereas if your WHY to earn this money is to create financial security for you and your family you will likely see much better results.

The deeper reason for earning a million dollars is security. This is by providing your family with the home, food, and the ability to travel and do fun activities.

By knowing why you want to achieve something will help you get there. Whenever you set a goal with a deadline (and a roadmap to get there) be sure to know WHY you want to achieve that specific goal. This is a critical step towards seeing anything through, especially the big goals that take time.


A value is an individual belief that motivates people to act one way or another. Your values can take shape from your experiences, parents, upbringing, friends, job, colleagues, and general beliefs.

The values you believe in your life are key pieces of information that guide the decisions you make each and every day. Understanding what values you have can help you to understand why things are a certain way in your life.

What you believe in life shapes each and every day leading to your current life. If you’ve never taken the time to sit down and figure out your values - today’s the day!

Examples of Values:

  • Honesty

  • Loyalty

  • Dependability

  • Commitment

  • Passion

  • Efficiency

  • Reliability

  • Optimism

  • Adventurous

  • Independence

  • Kindness

  • Fitness

  • Freedom

  • Fun

  • Hard work

Take some time now to figure out what your top 5 values are in your life. Keep in mind there are many more values that exist further than this list. Don't be afraid to look up some more online to figure out what an accurate list for you may be. Are you someone who takes care of their body and knows that fitness is important to living your best life?

Are you someone who is respectful of others and expects the same in return from others you cross paths with?

Everyone will have many different values in their lives. Take some time now to figure out the top 5 things that will guide you where you want to go.

Once you have your top 5 values it will create more clarity as the person you want to become. If you are someone who values hard work, passion, freedom, security, and fun you may be an entrepreneur who is passionate about the work you do and aren’t afraid to put in long hours creating something special for others to thrive off of.

You may love the freedom of being able to adjust your own work and life schedule to suit your own needs. You create security in life by having the ability to earn more than the average person because of the risks you take on as a business owner. This also allows you to have fun and let loose to celebrate big wins with friends and family. Travelling often and enjoying the moment.

This is just one example of who someone could be by the values they hold. Your values and your why are directly related to one another. While your values help shape your life and who you are, your why is the heading to help you get where you want to go.

Without knowing either of these you may be drifting aimlessly and are hoping your dream life magically comes to fruition. By understanding yourself and the values you hold it will help you to get the most out of your life each day and grow further than you'd ever imagine.

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Chris M Wilson CEO of Your Optimal Lifestyle self help brand.

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