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Travel Tips! Ways to Save & Explore

Travelling is something I make time to prioritize and enjoy doing in my life. Travelling can be fun, exciting, and free. Seeing new cultures, places, people, and scenery is amazing. People tend to associate travelling with high prices and time off work. In todays blog we go over some of our top travel tips to save you more money and see more of the world.

I believe everyone should make it a priority to travel and explore new places at some point in their lives. Now is the easiest time to access spots around the globe with ease. Plane travel has never been safer or more consistent throughout history. See our tips below to get you on your way!

Travel Tip # 1

Travel Midweek

Travelling midweek can potentially save you hundreds on your flight costs alone. Most travellers will fly out before the weekend and fly home Sundays. This drives up demand and thus the prices are highest at these times. Flying out and back Tuesday – Thursday is usually your best option for deals. If you can take a few more days off work to do this, you will save money.

Not only will it save you cash but travelling midweek will usually be less busy and more relaxed. Short or long days of travel can be tiring and stressful. With less people travelling you will be able to relax a bit more on your journey. In 2020 I booked a trip to Vegas with flights leaving and arriving midweek. I was able to save over $1000 on the trip by choosing to avoid the weekends. Typically, hotel prices and all-inclusive vacations will also be at peak prices for the weekends.

Travel Tip # 2

Travel Off-Season

Certain places in the world have their “prime or peak” seasons to visit there. This could be visiting warmer climates like Arizona or Florida for people in Canada during the winter months, or going to a resort destination in the dry season to avoid the monsoons of rain. A quick google search can provide you with the peak and most expensive times to travel to many locations. You may be sacrificing slightly cooler and wetter climates, but it will make it much cheaper on your wallet.

Even a one-month difference from your original travel dates could save you plenty of money. Flight and hotel costs will all be less in the off-season. These times will also be less busy, meaning less people and chaos wherever you are.

Travel Tip # 3

Research Packages

A vacation package includes your flight and stay from one initial source. This could be anything online from Expedia, Kayak, or Trivago. These are online sites that offer packaged deals for your trip. They get discounts on resorts and flights which can save you money. It depends on your travel plans and goals as sometimes you may want to stay in different locations for your trip and move around. In this case you would likely want to book your flights separate from your stay.

Sites like Expedia sometimes offer exclusive one-day deals for an even better price. This could save you 30-40% on the entire cost of the package. If you are flexible where you want to go and stay this would be a great option to keep an eye out for.

Travel Tip # 4

Be Flexible

Flight prices fluctuate daily. If your travel dates are set in stone because of work or any other previous commitments it can cost you a lot of money. If you can be flexible with days, times, and even companies to fly with, you will be able to get the best deal possible. There are certain sites such as Kayak and Skyscanner where you can get notifications on the flight you want if the prices go down. This can save you a good amount of time each day of searching the web relentlessly for the best deal.

Flexibility is the ultimate key to budget travel. If you are tight on cash or want to be smart about your spending this will be the best tool to save with. Taking a flight with one or two connections can also save you money rather than travelling direct.

Travel Tip # 5

Visit Friends & Family

Visiting friends and family who live out of city, province, state, or country is a great way to see somewhere new while doing it cost effectively. Not only will you be able to spend time with these people and catch up, but you will likely be able to stay with them for free for the entire trip, or even a portion of it.

I have done this on several occasions and it usually works out very well. Visiting friends and family you haven’t seen for a while can be nice to reconnect and create a better lasting relationship. Just remember, if someone lets you stay with them for a period on your trip be sure to return the favor if they ever want to visit you. It must work both ways!

Bonus Tip

Enjoy the Process!

As stated earlier travelling can be stressful. It can cause excess worry, unease, and financial strain. Be sure to be present in the moment and enjoy it! From the ideas you first thought of, where to visit and explore, what would be amazing to see and where to stay. Seeing new places is exciting and exhilarating. Have fun and be grateful for all the experiences you endure. Relax, unwind, and continue exploring each day, month, and year. Happy future travels!

Chris M Wilson

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