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How to Get MORE Done With Time Blocks

How to Get More Done With Time Blocks - YOL Blog

How to Get MORE Done With Time Blocks

Have you ever wondered how some people can seem to be so productive and get so much done in a relatively small timeframe? Getting things done and being efficient is important to living a successful life. This is where time blocking comes in and key time management techniques!

In today’s post learn some tactics I currently use on a daily and weekly basis to tackle important tasks and get real results. Enough trying to do everything at once! It’s time to simplify your focus and what you do to get maximum results.

What is time blocking? Time blocking is simple - it’s when you block out a desired amount of time to focus on ONE thing. Not 2 or 3 things but one.

Why does it work? Time blocking works because it allows you to put all of your focus on one task while eliminating distractions.

Who does this? Successful people around the globe use this technique to manage their busy schedules while being efficient.

Rather than say you’ll do a task next week, block off time in your calendar for the exact day and time you will tackle a specific task or project. Let’s say you want to do some research on a new side hustle idea you’ve been thinking about. Allotting say 60 minutes of time tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. will ensure you stay accountable and do it.

When you don’t plan you don’t get anything done… In a decent timeframe at least. People who can balance busy schedules with high production are managing their time wisely each and every day!

How do I manage my time?

While there are plenty of apps and tech to help you manage the time, I like to keep it simple - use a planner. Planners have been around for a long time and help people to organize their days, weeks, and months.

Some planners I highly recommend are the Panda Planner and Daily Greatness. These planners will help you to block time for important tasks or projects. Whether you want to focus on your personal performance or performance at work these planners will help you create more structure and better organizational habits to get there.

If you don’t follow a schedule you will let the busyness of life take over your time. This can involve things like watching TV, scrolling on social media, doing random tasks to fill your day, oversleeping and more.

Scheduling your days will help you to increase productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction in life. Ticking off a few important things a day will give you a boost of endorphins which will ensure you are happy and fulfilled.

Keep it Simple

Often the best way to manage time and tasks is to keep it simple. Narrow your focus to one task at a time. Stop trying to multi-task! It doesn’t work and is highly inefficient. Simplicity has helped me gain full control of my habits and daily schedule.

While sometimes you may not get as much as you want to be done - don’t give up! Consistency is where the power is at. If you can stick to doing something each and every day no matter what you will get your desired results.

Consistency has been a real game-changer in my life. It has helped me pay off all my debt, save a pile of money, create balance in life, and get in the best shape of my life.

Eliminate Distractions

Time blocking works best when all your focus is on one task. Focusing on only one task in today’s day and age can be tough. Therefore you must limit your distractions BEFORE you sit down and get to work. Close the door to the room you’re working in, silence your phone and apps, limit what you can access on your computer and so on.

Eliminating distractions before they steal your attention is key. This will ensure your time blocks are uninterrupted and effective.

Take a Break

While the old school way of thinking is to never stop working because that’s what tough and macho people do, It’s highly ineffective in producing results.

Breaks are necessary and will give you the proper mental and physical rest you need to get more done throughout each day. If you work for 60 or 90 minutes take a 15-minute break. Don't think about or talk about work. Let your mind relax and daydream or focus on something else.

In order to get big things done, we must allow our minds and bodies to take regular breaks throughout the day.

Are you using scheduling and time blocking to your advantage? Let me know! I hope you enjoyed today’s post and thanks so much for reading it.

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