• Chris M Wilson

Time Management

It seems many of us today are busier than we ever have been, time seems to slip away hour by hour each day. Before you know it, years may have passed by which felt like days. Learning to manage your time better will help you to accomplish more meaningful tasks while feeling better each day about your productivity.

Time Management Tip # 1

Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule is a simple yet effective way to start managing your time. By this we mean getting a planner like; Dailygreatness, Panda Planner, or The Full Focus Planner and filling in monthly, weekly, and daily sections. When you have a plan and a set schedule you are more likely to stick to it and will be able to tackle what you need to each day.

I like to use a planner that I can write in like those mentioned above as well as the most important schedule items in my phone’s calendar. This helps to stay organized with my time on the go.

I like using my planner in the morning to do my planning and then again in the evening for a daily review to see what I got done and what I need to move to another day or still tackle.

Time Management Tip # 2

Create a To Do List

To do lists are important for getting the most out of your days. Without a to do list it may be months until you decide to get important tasks done. I recommend writing 3 of the main tasks you want to achieve for that day in the morning and focus on getting those tasks done on that given day at all costs. These 3 tasks are going to be tasks that get you closer to goals you have set for yourself. If you want to make some extra money creating some sort of side hustle, then maybe setting an hour that day to building a website would be one of the tasks on your list.

You want to avoid massive to do lists over 3 main items. Leave the small stuff for a side list like; laundry, take out garbage, wash car, call so and so etc. They can be in their own list which aren’t as high of a priority. But if you want to manage your time wisely while achieving great results, create a to do list. If you can achieve these tasks everyday for an entire year you will have accomplished over 1000 important tasks. Now that’s time management!

Time Management Tip # 3

Focus on 1 Task at a Time

Multi-tasking doesn’t work and is a huge myth. What happens when so-called people “multitask” is they are switching from one task to another back and forth and achieving bad results in all areas. Let’s say your brushing your teeth and are scrolling through your phone at the same time. What is happening is you are focused on brushing your teeth for a small period, then you are distracted and focus on your phone while you stop brushing your teeth. This pattern follows suit for whatever else you are trying to multitask.

If you want to learn how to manage your time better, you need to first stop wasting it. Focusing on 1 task at a time will create more efficiency in your life, allowing you to have more free time at the end of the day. Get in a quiet place where you can dive into the given task at hand with no distractions. This will help you get more done. Most of the time when we try to do more in a shorter period, yet we accomplish little.

Creating focus on certain tasks takes time and practice. In this fast-paced world, it’s all about doing as many things as humanly possible. When we bounce all around like this it usually feels stressful and unfulfilling. While we are scatter brained and putting in minimal thinking power and effort to everything.

Try our time management tips; create a schedule, create a to do list, and focus on 1 task at a time to help you get more results with the time you have each day. It may not necessarily about doing more but doing more of the right tasks within a given time. Think about what you need to prioritize and focus on it.

Chris Wilson