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The Victim Mentality - How to Take Control of Your Life

Your Optimal Lifestyle BLOG - Victim Mentality - Take Control of Your Life

The Victim Mentality - How to Take Control of Your Life

Have you ever heard someone saying why they can’t do something in life? “Oh, well I could do that if I was born rich, or knew the right people, or had a better boss.” The victim mentality is real and it’s when someone makes an excuse as to why they “can’t” do something in life.

Welcome to another week's blog post with me (Chris) from Your Optimal Lifestyle. I talk about health, wealth, and freedom to help you make a positive transformation in your life. Whether it’s big or small, you can accomplish anything in life by taking that first step.

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What is the Victim Mentality?

When someone considers themselves the “victim” of the negative actions of others.

Blaming circumstances on anything and everything other than your own actions. Excuses are a huge part of this issue and one habit you will want to rid if you ever want to break the chains of the victim mentality.

You must understand that while many situations in life are out of your control in life you still must be willing to take responsibility for your life. This means that whether for good or bad you accept that you can improve, work at, and execute the task better next time.

Own Up

Responsibility is a powerful word meaning the state of being accountable for something. While we grow older we usually obtain more responsibility. An example may be as you move out of your parents' house. You now have the responsibility to find housing, to pay rent on time, to acquire a car, to buy food, to manage and pay bills, when to go to work, and much much more. Things can get complex and busy quickly.

Taking responsibility in your life will help you to become more independent, likeable, and confident. Those who carry heavy loads on their shoulders usually have a good idea of what it takes to accomplish certain things in life.

Leaders take responsibility for their own actions and will take the blame for their team. With great responsibility comes more confidence overtime.

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One Way to Change Your Mindset Now!

One way I will share with you that you can use right now to rid the victim mentality is to stop making excuses for one whole day. I’ll repeat that one more time in case you missed it - stop making excuses for one whole day.

Make a valiant effort to rid yourself of any and all excuses for a 24-hour period. If you make even the smallest comment towards an excuse try again the next day. This task is much harder to accomplish than you would imagine.

Ridding your mind and body of excuses will help to immediately come up with ways to take responsibility and make things happen. It’s time to stop blaming anything or anyone for your circumstances. If you practice this every day you may experience some really great results over time.

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What really is the difference between a successful person and an average person?

The thoughts they think and the words they speak every single day.

What you think about and what you say will shape your life. If you berate yourself and believe you are worthless that is how others will perceive you as well. On the other hand if you walk with your head up high and walk at a fast pace you will feel more confident and eager to get more done.

Getting in the right headspace so to speak requires you to take care of your body and your life. Check out my two books to help you get started - Optimal Health and Optimal Wealth.

Taking care of your physical and mental health will help you to value your self worth higher. Money management will ensure you live a joyful and happy life.

It will take time, effort, and practice to rid the victim mentality for good. One other key piece of advice is to be aware of your environment. The people you associate with at work, home, and for fun are huge influences in your life.

If these people are always complaining, making excuses, and blaming others, you are sure to do the same. Surrounding yourself with others who will uplift you and not put you down may be one of the best things you do in life.

If you’re not happy with the people you currently associate with, change them. While this can be difficult especially if some of them are family and friends you must do what is necessary to live a positive healthy life.

While you don’t have to cut full ties from everyone you can limit the amount of time you spend with them. If one of your good friends is always speaking poorly of his situation then limit the amount of time you spend with him.

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If you want to take control of your life you will have to make changes within it. Change is often hard but necessary. Immediately taking action will help you to control the fear of the unknown. This fear can paralyze you so to speak, from moving forward and taking risks. Thanks for reading today’s blog, be sure to stop by next Monday for more content! Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter as well as follow us on all social platforms.

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