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The Secret to Happiness - Gratitude

The Secret to Happiness - Gratitude - Your Optimal Lifestyle Blog

The Secret to Happiness - Gratitude

Have you ever waited to be happy at a different time in your life? Have you ever said that once you get something or achieve something, you can be satisfied? Wanting more can cause considerable problems in your life. While striving to be better and accomplish more is fantastic quality, you must have a mind of gratitude NOW. The benefits are significant, and the drawbacks are none.

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Today is the day and age of more more more. More money, power, fame, clothes, gadgets, and tech. It’s hard to be happy and satisfied when you always want more. The question I’m going to answer today is this: is wanting more the best mindset to have today!?

Before we get into this topic deeper, I want to provide simple information first. What is gratitude? Gratitude, or being grateful, is a quality of being thankful.

You can be grateful for many things in your life. It could be your family, friends, job, promotion, home, water, food, or anything else you may be thankful for.


Why does gratitude even matter? Well, in a world of more more more, guess what you get? Some unhappy people. They wait until the (next) thing to accomplish before they allow themselves to be happy. It sounds a bit weird. People choose not to be satisfied until a particular stage in their lives.

You do have control to be happy or not (to a certain degree). Here’s proof: close your eyes and visualize your happy place. This could be somewhere you visited before, maybe on a tropical vacation. Listen to the sounds of the waves, the wind on the palm trees, and the beautiful crystal clear blue water. Feel how you did at the moment when you were there. Now be in this moment. Forget about everything else and immerse yourself in this place.

How do you feel after this visualization technique? Stressed? Angry? Frustrated? Probably not; you most likely feel incredible. Maybe you felt warm and had a big smile once you got into the scene.

Gratitude works similarly to this small technique. You focus on something or many things you are grateful for. Something in your life that’s important, meaningful, and great.


Studies have shown that when you are grateful for something, you are in the present moment. You aren’t worried about the future or what’s already happened in the past. Being present, or mindful as I like to call it, is important. It’s important because it’s the only time you can live - at the moment.

What does gratitude do for you? It helps you be more present, more thankful, and more appreciative of what you have now. Not more, but what’s already great in your life now.

You could wake up each morning and, as soon as your feet touch the ground, be grateful to be alive. Some people aren’t so lucky.

Starting your day off with three things you’re grateful for will set you up for a successful day. That’s right; you control the day by how you start it. Not by what happens in the day but by the things you do right away. As the day progresses, this will put you in the right headspace to make the right decisions and reactions.

The best way to be grateful for my experience is to immerse yourself in the background. This is like the exercise we went over earlier. Spend time with your mind at the moment and think about why you’re grateful for that specific thing. Why does it matter to you?

Once you build the daily habit of gratitude, you may experience symptoms such as; more happiness, presence, meaning, and life.

Being grateful is free. At no cost, you can decide to live a better life and lead a better life. Sounds too good to be true.

My challenge - each day, when you wake up when your feet touch the floor, think of three things you’re grateful for. Don’t pick up your smartphone, don’t make a cup of coffee; wake up, be in the moment and be thankful.

If you want to increase this great habit, write what you’re grateful for down. Get a small booklet or use your daily planner and write it out. This will help further the experience even more.

Thanks for reading what I have to say.

Chris M Wilson CEO of Your Optimal Lifestyle self help brand.

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