• Chris M Wilson

The Process of Taking ACTION - That Works

Without taking action no one would accomplish anything. It is the beginning of anything new. Whether it be going to the gym, eating healthy, saving money, changing your habits, changing the world, applying for a job, learning an instrument, or studying for school.

Without making the initial decision to act, you will stay in the same spot as you were before. Acting can be risky, uncomfortable, and scary. It takes courage to try something new or venture on a new path.

I have discovered through tens of thousands of my own actions over the years, what works. Any change starts with yourself.

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Nike said it best “just do it.” Don’t think about it, otherwise you will change your mind. The first step towards acting is to do it immediately. No procrastinating or excuses. If you want to learn how to take action, jump right into it.

When we hesitate or put things off, they don’t get done. Procrastination is the killer of action.

Have you ever heard the saying – if you want something done, then do it yourself.

Taking responsibility for your own actions and taking the first step will be the difference from starting or failing.

When you jump right into something, you are far more likely to keep going. The hardest part will always be starting.


To act you must believe in yourself, at all costs. If you fail to believe in what you can accomplish you will also fail to act. When you have a negative perceived outlook on the result it will prevent you from even starting.

Belief is the one thing you have control of in your life. Therefore, you need to ensure you are believing in yourself.

Don’t look at the potential obstacles in your way (the things you cannot control). This will only hinder any progress. Having a positive mental attitude will help you to take action.

You can develop a more positive outlook by taking care of your mental and physical health.

Anything from exercising, eating good, reading, or mediating. These will help take care of your body and mind. Giving you more confidence to believe in yourself.


While I believe you must perform deep work to achieve great results in life (deep uninterrupted focus). When you are not performing deep work on a project, the 2-minute rule applies.

This rule means if something takes less than 2-minutes to complete – you do it. Don’t think about it, just get it done.

When you follow this rule, it will help to act now and not tomorrow. Just ask yourself if you can accomplish your task under 2-minutes.

This could be a quick phone call, reviewing your goals, writing some goals, journaling, daydreaming, or whatever else. Most small tasks can be done in no time at all.

Most people think about how awful the task is for a longer time than it takes to finish it!

Creating the habit of taking action immediately will help you immensely in life. No matter what path or journey you choose to go on, action is the first step.

You must get comfortable with being a little bit uncomfortable. The things you don’t want to do and people you don’t want to call are likely the tasks you need to get done. These will help to get some momentum under your feet.

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Chris Wilson