• Chris M Wilson

The Power of Audiobooks!

Audiobooks are a great addition or alternative to reading books. Some people are busy and do not prioritize to set aside 30 minutes a day to read. Listening to Audiobooks can boost your knowledge while doing chores, driving, working, waiting in line, or hanging out.

The main benefit of listening to an Audiobook is that you can access hundreds of thousands of titles from authors all over the globe right from your phone. We recommend checking out Audible as well as your local library to see if they have free databases to access titles. Audible is a monthly subscription, where you get one free download per month as well as discounts to any other titles.

Check out our own title of Optimal Health on Audible NOW. You can sign up for a FREE 30-day trial and get our Audiobook for free! Click the link and get started. Audible is a great app with one of the largest selections of Audiobooks out there. Amazon now owns Audible, allowing you to connect your Amazon login within it. You can also check pick up our Audiobook on Amazon HERE.

Audiobooks are great when commuting or doing tasks like mowing the lawn. You can easily listen to an hour a day and absorb a lot of information quickly. Another great feature is that you can change the speed of the playback. Meaning you can get the audio to speed up to 1.2 X, 1.5 X, or 2 X what the normal playback speed is. Which shortens the total time of the book you are listening to. You will likely be able to finish Audiobooks much faster than reading a book. If you live a busy lifestyle and have a hard time reading, these are the next best thing to increase your knowledge and learn.

If your daily commute is an hour, that is 1 hour a day you can listen to Audiobooks. There are 261 workdays in a year (in Canada for the average 9-5er), therefore you could potentially listen to 261 hours of books in one short year, during your commute alone. Imagine the impact this can have on your personal and professional life! Most Audiobooks are around 5-7 hours, meaning you can finish a book per week, or over 40 books per year. Even if you don’t want to dedicate your entire commute to listening to Audiobooks you can listen to them for one way of your commute. This will still yield huge results in your life.

Most published books are now available as Audiobooks, this gives you a lot of options to choose from. Some local libraries have an app called Libby. Once you get a library card and download the app you will have access to hundreds of titles from multiple local libraries for FREE! There is no charge and still a ton of selection on new and bestselling Audiobooks. This is by far the best option if you want to get through a ton of books at no cost, although the downfall to this type of system is not all titles are available within the databases. Also, they only have so many “digital copies”. If there is a popular book you may have to wait anywhere between 2-8 weeks before it will be available to borrow. Overall, I suggest checking with your local library or do a quick online search to see if they offer a service like this in your area. You could also have a subscription that you pay for like Audible as well as take advantage of free Audiobooks from the library, if available.

As you can see, listening to Audiobooks everyday is a no brainer. They can speed up the reading process while allowing you to listen during multiple daily tasks. Turn a non-productive task or commute into a productive one. Download the Audible APP now and get our Audiobook for FREE! After, leave us a review on Amazon on what you think.

Chris Wilson