• Chris M Wilson

The Importance of Questions

Questions are something we ask all day and night when growing up as a child. We are eager to learn and grow at a rapid rate. As we grow older, we tend to become less interested or rarely ask any questions. Questions help us to learn new things and expand our minds to endless possibilities. Remember hearing the phrase from your teachers – there are no dumb questions?

To find some importance in your life questioning can be used as a valuable tool. Asking yourself the right questions can help you to create more meaning and purpose within your life. At YOL we have devised a printable worksheet called - Lifestyle Design. It is a 3-page worksheet with questions for you to figure out more about yourself. You can download the worksheet here:

Your Optimal Lifestyle - Design Workshee
Download • 273KB

Many of us lack clarity in our lives and it can feel like we are on the endless loop of the hamster wheel. Thinking is hard work and usually a reason why people tend to think and question as much when we grow older. When we ask ourselves questions, we need to pause, think, and come to an answer or perhaps multiple answers. It is less about what you know and more about what you question.

One important question in our Lifestyle Design worksheet is – What are the top 5 things you want to experience before you die? This is a big question and some of these activities or experiences could potentially change your life forever. Having a clearly laid out plan can be beneficial to achieving and getting more out of your life.

Going through life mindlessly now is easier than ever with smart everything grabbing our attention every second of every day. Not only is asking yourself great questions beneficial but asking other’s questions can be helpful as well. Think of the people you look up to, the people you admire. What questions would you ask them, what would you like to know? How can this help you in your own life?

How did they achieve what they did? When were they at their happiest? Is money as important or powerful as society makes it out to be? How do you get up after dealing with hardships that can last a lifetime? What matters to you? What are your values? Why did you do what you did?

It is less about being a know it all and turning into a sponge again like when you were a kid, trying to absorb any information you can. There are a couple of books you may find helpful in your journey. The first is:

The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock. It is small handbook filled with 291 different questions. It contains questions of all types and forms that help to get you thinking. It’s something you can have on the coffee table and pick up every now and then and ask your friends and family various questions.

Another great book I recommend reading is: A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger - The power of inquiry to spark breakthrough ideas. This is a business book geared towards asking the right questions to help us create great ideas and solve problems. Warren states – “We’re all hungry today for better answers. But first we must learn to ask the right questions.”

Pick up these books and let me know what you think. Questioning can be a powerful tool you can use for the rest of your life. To help gain clarity in your own life or to learn the ways of the greats. Understand the power of questions and use them to your advantage everyday.

Chris Wilson