• Chris M Wilson

Supplements for a Healthy Immune System

Welcome back to the YOL blog, today we dive into supplements for a healthy immune system. Supplements are a big part of my life and I have been taking them for many years when I started getting into fitness at a higher level. You don’t need to be an athlete to take supplements, they can help aid everyone with the proper amount of nutrients and minerals that you may not get from your normal diet.

Our bodies don’t produce certain vitamins which is why we would want to take them in supplements. Supplements can aid in energy levels, brain function, proper delivery of nutrients, muscle recovery, improve overall health, and bone strength. Supplements are not intended to be taken instead of food but taken alongside someone with good nutrition habits. You still want to ensure you are eating right, getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night as well as staying hydrated each day.

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Depending on who you are and what you do whether it be sports, bodybuilding, looking to get into better shape or take care of your body for better health, supplements can aid you in your journey. Different supplements have different purposes and will have different affects on your body which we will get into here. You don’t need to blow your entire budget and get everything in site in the store. To live a healthy balanced life there are some key things you will want to take to help your body perform its daily functions well.

In this post I will go through the supplements I take everyday to maintain a healthy immune system and body. This is especially important during these difficult times as we want to ensure our bodies are staying healthy and fighting off any outside viruses.

I will include links for the supplements and products I mention in this post if you are interested in getting any of them.

I take my supplements every single day and have for years consistently. I will take some of them once a day and others up to 3 x a day with meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I will share how I take them and ways to be able to travel with them and not miss any times to take them.

Be Organized

Having the right bag for your food and supplements will be a game changer. I have used 6-pack bags for nearly 10 years. They are by far the best nutrition/meal bags I have ever used. Check them out:

Innovator Mini


Organization will be your secret weapon to take your supplements consistently day after day without missing a dose. A lot of people tell me they get the supplements from the store but then have a difficult time taking them each day or remembering to take them. Getting a bigger pill organizer like the one shown here will give you a place to store all your pills in one spot. This is what I travel with and have everything in one spot for easy access. You can take them in your carry on or checked bag no problem. I have never had any issues travelling with supplements.

I use a bigger pill holder which holds nearly a month worth of my supplements in pill form. This is a good option to use because everything is in one place and it will make it easy to take your supplements every day.

I also like to use a smaller pill organizer to use daily. I will open my bigger organizer in the morning and transfer what I need into the smaller pill organizer for the day. This way I have everything I need to take in one small unit. If I go anywhere or plans change like they often do I have what I need with me.

If you don’t organize your supplements to be taken everyday you may fall into a bad habit and miss times when are supposed to take them.


It’s always important to read the label on what you are getting and follow the directions on them. Every supplement can be different, following the directions to follow for dosage amounts and times like with food are key. Most supplements in pill form you will likely take with food and some up to 3 x a day.

My Healthy Immune System Stack

Here I will list what I take as an adult male. Women can also follow this for overall health although I will include some extra or additional supplements you can add specifically for women after this. I am an active, healthy male who exercises regularly and follows good eating habits.


A multi-vitamin is exactly what is sounds like. A bunch of different essential vitamins in one pill to provide your body with many vitamins your body needs to function. Some of these will be in addition to vitamins you eat from your normal food each day, but some may be in addition to those. A good multi is important and you don’t want to buy the cheapest one you find. I have taken many kinds of multis and prefer Progressive Active Men.

Here is the link to one if you are a female.

Omega 3 Fish Oils

Omega 3 fish oils or fatty acids are commonly found in fish. Many people may not have a high food intake of fish so can supplement these to ensure they are getting enough in their bodies. Omega 3’s are very important and can help fight depression/anxiety, promote healthy brain function, help fight inflammation, improve bone and joint health, are great for your skin, and improve sleep. The list seems endless with these and they should be in your cupboard.

Protein Powder

Protein powder will help you to get an increased amount of protein into your daily nutrition intake from food. Protein is the key macro-nutrient to repair and rebuild your muscles. This can help fight viral and bacterial infections within your body. Good protein intake will keep you strong and healthy. I like adding a scoop into the blender for a morning shake, mixing it into almond milk and having it with cereal or just having a shake on its own.

Vitamin D-3

Also known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D-3 is a part of the vitamin D family. Your body will naturally produce this vitamin when exposed to sunlight. If you live somewhere that is generally cloudier or darker your body most likely is not producing much of this. This can be a great reason to supplement it. This vitamin aids in immune system function.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, meaning your body does not produce it. You will only get it through nutrition or supplementation. This vitamin is key to a healthy immune system. When you are sick or on the verge of sickness the first thing to do is drink some orange juice or take some vitamin C. This is something you should take every day.


Glucosamine is a supplement which will aid in your joint health. It can help reduce stiffness and swelling of the joints and help with arthritis related pain. From training for many years sometimes my joints may be sore from doing certain activities so takin this helps reduce inflammation in my body.

For Women

If you are a woman and are looking for some supplements that will be geared more toward you and your body be sure to check these out as well. Men and women’s bodies function differently and can require different amounts of certain things to function at there desired levels.

Vitamin K2

There are 2 forms of vitamin K - K1 and K2. We will focus on K2 as this is something that will help improve bone and heart health. K2 also will help reduce blood clotting and aid in calcium absorption. This vitamin isn’t as popular in the western part of the world but is a great addition to your cabinet.


Calcium is known for increasing bone strength. Calcium is found in foods like milk, yogurt, and cheese. If you can’t or don’t like to consume high levels of these foods supplementing will be a great way to still get your calcium intake in. Calcium can help with osteoporosis which is loss of bone that happens when we age.

There is a ton of information online and endless amounts of supplements to choose from. If you stick with the basics that will help your body stay healthy your immune system will be in great shape. Thanks for reading, return next Monday morning for our next post!

Chris Wilson