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Should You Use Social Media in 2022? Benefits Vs Disadvantages

Should You Use Social Media in 2022? Benefits Vs Disadvantages

I’ve had my ups and downs with social media. I got on Facebook when it was new and in. I later joined Instagram and YouTube posting videos and pictures of my life. I’ve also deleted all of my accounts for 3 full years, never logging on anything. Understanding social media and using it to your advantage is important for your relationship with it.

Social media is a tool. Now, depending on how you choose to use that tool, it can be beneficial or detrimental to your life. Social media is supposed to keep us more connected, isn't it? The beauty of being able to connect with people across the globe instantaneously or so they say...

The issue with social media is the real purpose is to keep you logged on and glued to your device for as much time as humanly possible. The algorithms are constantly pushing more content you love to keep you on and active. This can have a negative effect on you because instead of benefiting from it you will likely be wasting a huge amount of time on it each and every day.

Not only can you waste a lot of time on social, but it can make you feel worse about your own life as well. Social media is a highlight reel of everyone's life. People only post the highs and the best of the best from their lives.

This is a problem. Life has ups and downs. It’s not all ups - far from it. This false sense of "perfect" so to speak can make you feel worse off. Constantly scrolling at people who seem to have it all. Cars, money, girls, the best job, houses, you name it.

Be careful of what / who you believe and know that much of what people show you is just that - a show. If you can understand that then you will be much better off.

How can you make social media a powerful tool to use?

I currently use social platforms for my business. These are free tools that allow me to get my message out to people worldwide 24 hours a day. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

It seems like if you have a business and aren’t using social media in one way or another you’re selling your business short. Free marketing to potential clients is huge. If you want to use social for your business - do it.

My only caution is don’t dive onto 7 different platforms all at once. This will lead to overwhelm and poor content quality across all channels. Instead, find out 2 different social channels where your target audience is constantly on. If you’re targeting young adults Instagram may be great. If you want business professionals and CEOs get on Linkedin.

Use 2 platforms to get started and move forward from there. Grow them gradually and post often.

If I didn’t use social for my business I wouldn’t use it. To me it seems like a waste of time, browsing a literal endless feed for hours on end. Who has time for that?? Apparently millions of people in the world do, but I still don't understand it for that matter.

Creating Connections on Social Platforms

Social can be a great way to make connections that you may have not been able to make in your “real life”.

The ability to search “travel in Thailand” and learn about businesses that exist there and people to connect with is an amazing feature. Connections are huge in life. If you’re able to know people in a specific field you will likely be much better off in it as well.

The truth is there are millions of people on social and finding the right connections can be tough - but not impossible. It seems like as the years have progressed there are more ads and scams than ever before. You need to beware of suspicious activity and people messaging you about get-rich-quick schemes.

Not only are you able to create new connections online but you can also embrace the connections you’ve already made in your life. This could be family members, friends from growing up, old colleagues and more.

Harnessing connections in life is extremely important. Being social is something that we want and crave (whether we think so or not). We are social beings.

What to beware of on social media

As stated before - scams and fake accounts. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don’t have your best interest online. If someone is asking for money or personal information don’t give it out - I’d recommend blocking them and moving on. This happens to me almost every single day.

Wasting huge amounts of time. While watching a few YouTube videos on a certain subject you’re interested in is fine, binging for 4 hours each night is not. Don’t fall into the trap of being glued to your screen every morning and every night. This is a very unhealthy habit and unfortunately won’t benefit you in any way.

If you want to stay connected and use social that’s fine, but limit yourself if need be. If you think an hour a day is more than enough then set the boundary. You could use it for 30 minutes in the daytime and 30 minutes at night. Whatever you do make sure you set clear boundaries if you find yourself logging on 20 times a day.

Why do you use social media?

Ask yourself this question now. Why do you actually use social media? Most people lie to themselves and say “it’s so I can be connected to all my old friends from school.”

Question - have you ever or do you ever need to reach out to any of these people from the previous ten or twenty-plus years of your life? When I used social media back in the day I use to believe the same thing, yet I never once reached out or connected with these people.

If you can think of 3 great benefits that social media has in your life then keep using it. If you can’t think of any real benefits consider taking a break for a month. You don’t need to delete all of your accounts and leave. Just take a break.

See what difference it causes in your life - is it better or worse without it? Often the hardest thing about quitting social or changing something is the habit. You’ve formed a habit of checking it so many times a day, opening your phone and clicking on the apps. This habit can be tough to change - but doable! And maybe necessary for your mental and physical health.

I’ve quit social media cold turkey for over 3 years before. I realized it didn’t serve me anymore and was a huge waste of time. Now I’m back on and am using it to grow my online presence and business. It allows me to make connections with other entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, and potential clients.

Think about how and why you use social media. If you can use it to your benefit then great! I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Don’t let social media run your life. Remember, you’re in charge.

Chris M Wilson CEO of Your Optimal Lifestyle self help brand.

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