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Why You MUST Follow A Routine in Your Life!

Why You MUST Follow A Routine in Your Life! - Your Optimal Lifestyle Blog

Why You MUST Follow A Routine in Your Life!

Have you ever accomplished something big in your life? Did you look back at the results and see how you got to where you are now? Routines are usually a big part of the answer.

A routine is a sequence of actions regularly followed. The military would be a great example of creating routines in people's lives. There is a set time to do things, a plan, and a structure in your day.

Routines contribute a lot to what I’ve been able to do in my life today, from making positive habits daily to looking after my body and getting important work done. Following a routine gets results.

In today’s post, learn about the importance of having and implementing a routine into your own life. It can help you do more and live a better life as a whole.

The Work Week

I’ve spoken to many people who are consistent with what they want to do and are intentional Monday to Friday. They fall right off the rails when the weekend comes, with no gym, junk food, poor sleep, drinking, etc.

The truth is a 5-day work week keeps most people on track. It sets their life schedule, and they have a routine to follow - a structure. Once the weekend rolls around, there is no schedule, no routine, and nothing gets done.

It’s easier to follow directions from someone mindlessly than to be accountable and follow directions from yourself. This is what makes working for yourself difficult.

The Vacation Myth

Have you ever said how you wish you could retire and lay on a beach all day and night? How easy and simple life would be if you could go somewhere warm and tropical and sip on margaritas.

It’s supposed to be relaxing and peaceful, but have you ever sat on a beach for two days or a week straight? You get bored, tired of sitting around, and have no drive or purpose of doing anything.

Yes, I agree that there are times in one's life when one needs to go on a vacation and do absolutely nothing. Although, this is no way to live your life. You’ll be bored within a few days, sunburnt to the crisp and dying deep down.

Routines are necessary for everyone to live a meaningful life. Create a routine if you’re not satisfied or feel like you could do more!

Creating A Routine For Success

Creating a routine is like building a plan. Time is the key, and knowing what to do matters.

I want you to live intentionally and do what matters to you, which means to get ahold of your time and do what you love.

Creating routine deals with structure and schedule. Having a plan for your day will help you to stay on track. Here’s a simple breakdown:

-Start your morning with a morning routine

-Focus on one important thing to tackle right away

-Look after your health - daily exercise

-Look after your brain - mental exercise

-Finish your day with a nightly routine

I suggest planning your days with crucial building blocks like the ones listed above. If you can focus on growth on what’s important, you will grow faster.

Routines are repetitive. You will need to do similar things day in and day out. When you do these things consistently, you will be able to do them more often. Sticking to a schedule will help you with your career.

Make Adjustments

There is no perfect routine. The best routine is the one that works for you. This will take trial and error on your part. Figure out what works in your daily routine and switch it to a dialled system.

Adjustments are the key to living your best life. Learning and growing are critical to your lifelong journey. Learn from your mistakes and make the necessary changes for next time.

You are building a routine that works. Sticking to a routine can be challenging. Try sticking to a consistent routine for one month. If you can do this, you will look great.

Thanks for reading today’s post!

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