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Road to Mastery – 25, 000 Hours of Experience

Hey and welcome back to another week with me Chris on the YOL blog! Find out how it took me over 25, 000 working hours and 12 years to get where I am today in my current career and how you can follow some simple steps to achieve life mastery.

Today I get into what real life mastery is all about, using some examples from my own life to help you see and understand it better. Mastery is a powerful word meaning the comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject.

To achieve true mastery in any subject you must have at least 10, 000 hours of experience or practice. For example, if you want to be fluent on an instrument like the guitar or drums, simply playing a few times a week just won’t cut it. It would take nearly 30 years of playing consistently for an hour every single day to break this 10, 000-hour mark!

While 10, 000 is the main number people like to use and talk about to achieve mastery – results will vary from person to person. For some people it may come more naturally and take less time, for others it can take even longer.

For me to really start to gain some traction in my own career it took nearly 8 years and 17, 000 hours later. Until this 8-year threshold it was difficult to hold a job consistently and get paid at a high rate. Once I kept gaining more experience and was able to provide the company with more value, things started to fall into place more.

My main point I want to get across in today’s post is that quick fixes and hacks rarely are real or work to your benefit. The now mentality is present in today’s fast pace world that we often have little patience to go in something for the long haul.

I want you to understand that great things take time to create and form. You make work without much growth for the first 9 years at something, in year 10 you’re an overnight success. This is common and happens often.

To be consistent with any career or goal you must see the bigger picture. Ensure you have a why. This is the thing that will keep you going when times are tough. Something bigger than money or fame, something with some substance. Your ultimate purpose for doing what you want.

Let’s say you currently work for someone else and really want to venture out on your own, to be your own boss and have the freedom to create your schedule every single day. This freedom could be your ultimate why. The freedom to do what you want when you want. That doesn’t mean the entire process will be a cake walk – far from it. Although, having a solid why behind your dreams and goals will help you achieve them.

Today I’ve amassed over 25, 000 hours of work experience in my field. 12 years of consistent work, through the good times and the bad. I never really knew when I could say I had finally made it, but I feel confident now that I have. At least in my specific industry at this given time. It’s taken more blood, sweat, and tears, than one would imagine, as it usually does in all aspects.

Achieving mastery in any given area of your life will be difficult. Everyone has their own problems and issues along the way they must endure and conquer. Those who give up at the first couple speed bumps will continue to struggle and stay at the bottom for years to come.

If I’ve learned anything in these 25, 000 hours I’d say my number one tip to anyone wanting to improve and achieve mastery is this – your mindset is the one thing you must control. This will take you wherever you want to go in life.

Learning to control your mind is so important rather than letting it control you. Things can change in an instant and the way you react to these changes will determine a lot. People like Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, and Napoleon Hill teach about mindset in many of their books. If you’re into lifelong learning (which you should be) I highly recommend reading books from all of them.

5 Ways to get you closer to mastery:

1. Track your progress

2. Stay consistent every single day

3. Have a schedule

4. Set goals

5. Create positive habits to do each day

If you follow these 5 steps you will no doubt, be well on your way to achieving mastery. Just remember, it may take longer than you think you get where you want.

Know your why and what you want to achieve before you start. Having a clear plan and vision is critical before you achieve anything. Everyone wants to master something but not many people want to put in the work.

Are you willing to put in over 25, 000 hours of work to get where you want to go? The real answer should be will you do whatever it takes… I know you can get where you want by putting in your best effort every single day.

To life mastery,

Chris M Wilson

Entrepreneur & Purpose Coach

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