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3 Steps Closer to Your Purpose

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3 Steps Closer to Your Purpose

What is purpose? What does it even mean? The reason for which something is done or created. People are often confused about what their purpose truly is. For some, they may know the exact path they want to take from childhood, for others it could be a lifetime of trial and error to figuring out what they truly want.

Why is finding your purpose matter? Your purpose is key to creating a fulfilling and meaningful life. When you live a life like this you will generally feel happier and more whole. Today purpose matters more than ever. We all seem to want to do something meaningful in our lives. In this post, you'll learn 3 steps to get you closer to your purpose.

Back in the day, you would likely work your entire career at one business. Retiring once you got older and earned a pension at the same time. In today’s day and age, this is far from the norm. People all over in many different careers want to do things that matter, things that are important to them, things they care about deep down.

All of these so-called things will get you closer and closer to living a life true to yourself - your purpose.

How is it possible to get closer to achieving your purpose? Do you even know what you want to achieve?

Step # 1 - What’s Your Heading?

Where are you headed? What direction do you want to take in your life? No matter what you choose to do in life, I can guarantee there will be many turns, ups, and downs to get to the destination.

If you don’t have any clue of what your heading is how could you possibly get there? Knowing the general direction you want to take in your life is good, knowing EXACTLY who you want to be and what you’ll accomplish is great!

I want you to write down a paragraph stating your heading. If money or time can’t hold you back if you COULDN’T fail. What do you want your heading to look like?

For example; let’s say you are in your early 20’s and keep having an urge to become a firefighter. Your heading could be to train and become fit to pass all of the physical fitness tests. It could be to move down to California for fire training (a very popular spot people go to get certified). You want to live a life with freedom so the schedule of many days off a month allows you to spend more time with your family and friends. You have plenty of time to do hobbies you love like play hockey and go on amazing hikes.

I think you get the point… When you write this paragraph for your heading provide as much detail as you can. The life you want to live each and every day, the people in your life, the money you make, the place you live. The clearer the picture the clearer your heading will be.

Get clear about your heading and your purpose will follow.

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Step # 2 - Have Written Goals

If you read my content regularly you may have seen this one before. I cannot stress this step enough and the importance of having WRITTEN DOWN GOALS.

Stop believing that some faint image that changes every 10 minutes in your mind is a goal - it’s not. It’s a dream and one likely never to come to fruition. Sorry to give you the cold hard truth but it’s for the best. This will help you grow and gain purpose like never before.

Finding your purpose can take years to figure out. Your goals should be aligned with things you want to achieve in your life which also get you closer to your purpose.

Goals MUST be written down to come to life. This is such an easy yet overlooked step in the life of a successful person. If you don’t have written goals in your life you’re selling yourself short. Never ever ever sell yourself short.

If you want to do something big, do it. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from your vision. Write down your goals, be specific, and create a hard deadline. Put the written goals beside your bed. Put them in a notepad in your phone, post them in your wallet, in your car, everywhere.

Wherever you go and look each day you better see your goals. And if you don’t and are embarassed your not thinking big enough. Who cares what everyone else things. Avoid the noise and do what’s best for you - write down your goals.

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Now that you have a clear idea of where your heading is, written goals that provide clear insight in what you need to accomplish to get closer to your purpose what’s next? Plan one day on purpose.

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Step # 3 - Plan One Day

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Plan out a day. That’s right, not a week, a month, or a year. Just start with one day.

What does someone’s schedule look like that has the same purpose as you? What does a typical day of a firefighter look like? I imagine they are someone who cares for their health everyday. They most likely wakeup early and start the morning off with a hard sweat from a workout. They might be a leader who is determined to keep improving through learning.

I hope you get the point. If you have a purpose or an idea of who you want to be, create a one day schedule of what this persons life looks like.

Make a plan for a full 24-hours. How much would you sleep? Eat? Exercise? Care for others? Read? Think? Rest?What are the key things you would need to do each day to get you where you want to go? What does someone with this life do day to day?

Write out a plan for a full 24 hours includings as much details as possible. Planning a day can 10 X your productivity. Having a plan versus letting the day own you are two polar opposites. People who plan their days get more done and feel better while doing it.

I'm positive you can accomplish more in the first 4 hours of a day than your previous full days by creating a plan and sticking to it.

Plans work. They’ve worked for me for the past decade and I know they’ll work for you. A plan will help you get closer to your purpose because you can create a day of someone who lives this life day in and day out.

Start putting yourself in their shoes and begin to live that life now.

Conclusion - 3 Steps Closer to Your Purpose!

Step # 1 - What’s Your Heading?

Step # 2 - Have Written Goals

Step # 3 - Plan One Day

Follow these 3 simple steps to get closer to your purpose. Finding your purpose and living a life true to yourself can take time. Be patient. Be consistent. And the hard work will pay off in time.

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Thanks for reading.

Chris M Wilson CEO of Your Optimal Lifestyle self help brand.

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