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Jeffrey Gitomer's 18.5 Secrets of Success

Jeffrey Gitomer's 18.5 Secrets of Success - Blog

Jeffrey Gitomer's 18.5 Secrets of Success

Are there really secrets to success? What is the magic of one or two things you can do to excel like never before? I purchased a book a while back to improve my sales skills. Selling is a part of everyone’s life whether they know it or not. I recently reopened the book to further hone my skills and stumbled upon some very powerful information that can help anyone.

The book is called the Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer. Gitomer is a sales expert who has earned and sold millions in products from sales. The book focuses on the 12.5 principles of sales greatness. I want to solely focus on the 18.5 secrets he speaks about as being the “secrets to success.”

You may know what you need to induce change in your life, but what’s lacking? Effort. The effort and self-discipline to follow through with making a change. This is the hard part and the part that most people fail to start.

Gitomer states in the book “there is no quick fix, magic wand, or potion that will give you the success you are dreaming for. There is a series of 18.5 principles, strategies, and actions that will lead you to success.”

Here are his principles taken directly from his book pages 20-24:

18.5 Secrets of Success

1. Believe you can. Have the mental posture for success. Believe you are capable of achieving it. This belief must extend to their product and their company. A strong belief system seems obvious - but few people possess it. Too many salespeople look outside (for the money they can make) rather than look inside (for the money they can earn). Believing that you’re the best and believing that you’re of achievement is the hardest thing to do. It requires daily dedication to self-support, self-encouragement and positive self-talk

2. Create the environment. The right home and work environment will encourage you. Supportive spouse, family members, and co-workers will make the road to success a smooth ride. It’s up to you to create it.

3. Have the right associations. Hang around the right people. Other successful people. Network where their best customers and prospects go. Join the right associations. Make the right friends. Stay away from poison people - the one’s who can’t seem to get anywhere. Have a mentor or three. Who do you hang around with? That is who you are likely to become.

4. Expose yourself to what’s new. If you’re not learning every day - your competition is. New information is essential to success (unless you’re like most salespeople who already know everything - luck you).

5. Plan for the day. Since you don’t know on which day success will occur, you better be ready every day. Prepare with education. Plan with goals, and the details for their achievement. Learning and goals are the surest methods to be ready for success.

6. Become valuable. The more valuable you become, the more the marketplace will reward you. Give first. Become known as a resource, not a salesperson. Your value is linked to your knowledge and your willingness to help others.

7. Have the answers your prospects and customers need. The more you can solve problems, the easier path you will have to sales success. Prospects don’t want facts, they want answers. In order to have those answers, you must have superior knowledge about what you do - and explain it in terms of how the prospect uses what you do.

8. Recognize opportunity. Stay alert for the situations that can create success opportunities. The little known key is to get and maintain a positive attitude. Attitude allows you to see the possibilities when the opportunity strikes - because it often shows up in the form of adversity.

9. Take advantage of opportunity. First, recognize it (often it shows up disguised as adversity). Second, act on it. Opportunity is elusive. It exists all over the place, but very few can see it. Some people fear it because it involves change, most don’t believe they are capable of achievement.

10. Take responsibility. We all blame others to a degree. Blame is tied to success in reverse proportion. The lower your degree of blame - the higher degree of success you’ll achieve. Get the job done yourself no matter what. Petty blame is rampant and the biggest waste of time. Don’t blame others or yourself. Take responsibility for your actions and decisions. Blaming others is an easy thing to do, but leads to a path of mediocrity. Successful people take responsibility for everything they do AND everything that happens to them.

11. Take action. Just do it (Nike) was the expression for the ‘90s. Actions are the only way to bridge plans and goals with accomplishment. Nothing happens until you do something to make it happen - every day.

12. Make mistakes. The best teacher is failure. It’s the rudest of awakenings, and the breeding ground for self-determination. Don’t think of them as mistakes - think of them as learning experiences not to be repeated.

13. Willing to risk. This is the most crucial factor. No risk, no reward is the biggest understatement in the business world. It should be stated - no risk, no nothing. Taking chances is a common thread among every successful person. No risk, no reward the saying goes - and it’s true. Most people won’t risk because they think they fear the unknown. The real reason people won’t risk is they lack the preparation and education that breeds the self-confidence (self-belief) to take a chance. Risk is the basis of success. If you want to succeed, you’d better be willing to risk whatever it takes to get there.

14. Keep your eyes on the prize. Post your goals. Stay focused on your dreams and they will become reality. Too many foolish diversions will take you off the path.

15. Balance yourself. Your physical, spiritual and emotional health are vital to your success quest. Plan your time to allow your personal goals to be synergized with your work goals.

16. Invest, don’t spend. There should be a 10-20% gap between earning and spending. Clip your credit cards in half and make a few investments - with professional guidance.

17. Stick with it until you win. Most people fasil because they quit too soon. Don’t let that be you. Make a plan AND a commitment to see the plan through - no matter what. Don’t quit on the ten yard line. Have whatever it takes to score.

18. Develop and maintain a positive attitude. Surprisingly this is not a common characteristic. By the time many make it to the top, they have developed irreversible cynicism. But positive attitude makes achieving success much easier - and more fun.

18.5. Ignore the idiots and zealots. Also known as pukers, these people will try and rain on your parade (discourage you) because they have no parade of their own.


Well there you have it, Jeffrey Gitomer’s 18.5 secrets of success. As you can see all of these principles are simple. You can easily apply many of these to your daily routine in no time, yet few people commit to them.

My advice to you - start small and improve a small amount each day. Don’t try and tackle all 18.5 steps at once. Pick three to five that resonate with you the most. Implement them into your life. Once you’ve mastered them add a couple more, and so on.

Getting further in life may seem hard and unattainable, but the truth is it may be easier than you think. Thanks for reading!

You can visit Gitomer’s site here.

Pick up the Little Red Book of Selling here.

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