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Headspace APP REVIEW - It Only Takes 10 Mindful Minutes

Headspace App Review - It Only Takes 10 Mindful Minutes

Today I’ll be going over the APP Headspace for Android and iPhone users. It’s a guided meditation app cofounded by Andy Puddicombe. When you think of exercising what comes to mind? Going to the gym or exercising your body I'm guessing. While looking after your physical wellbeing is important you are still skipping out on a critical step - training your mind.

Your mind is what separates the 1% of the population from everyone else. Being able to conduct good decision making skills while being productive daily will help you accomplish more. Meditation isn’t just for monks and weird people. In fact, many successful people use meditation to elevate their lives.

Some of these people include; Jerry Seinfield, Arianna Huffington, Ray Dalio, Joe Rogan, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Gates, Will Smith, Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many many more. These people have been able to achieve big feats in their lives whether they are sports professionals, tv personalities, or actors.

You can find more information from their site anytime at Headspace website.

Before I get into the Headspace review I want to list some of the main benefits towards doing it. Not only will this have a positive impact on your own life, but it will also have a great effect on others are you.

Meditation Benefits:

Reduce stress

Control anxiety

Enhances self awareness

Promotes emotional health

Enhances attention span

May help fight addictions

Helps control pain

Improves sleep

Can decrease blood pressure

It’s FREE!!

Even if meditating only offered 3-4 of these benefits you would think everyone would be doing it. Unfortunately it is often overlooked when one looks at improving their overall life and healthy routine.

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Now, as I mentioned before, Headspace is a guided meditation app for your device. While meditation is free and you can do it anywhere, it may be easier to start with an app or system that is guided and easy to follow along with. This will help you with the basics of focusing on your breath and help with visualization techniques.

I have used this app for several years now and it is the only app I have used to date. In short, I think it’s fantastic and everyone should give it a try. I have logged over 161 hours and 944 sessions on it. I first heard about it from author Tim Ferriss. If you haven’t read or checked out any of his content be sure to check him out HERE. You can also pick up his best selling book The 4-hour work week.


There are multiple ways to use Headspace with many plan options. They offer a free plan which is limited to what you get access to and paid plans. The paid plans range from a single plan for $69.99 USD per year, student plan for $9.99 USD per year - with proof of full time enrollment, and a family plan for $99.99 USD per year for 6 accounts.

Headspace has also teamed up with some big names recently. Including the largest Canadian airline Air Canada, Spotify Music, and Netflix. If you are a student with a Spotify premium music plan you will receive Headspace premium for free!

As you can see there are many options to fit everyone’s budget and lifestyle. I would highly recommend downloading the app and trying the free version to start. This will give you a great feel as to exactly what it’s like and what you're getting into.

What You Get

While I use this app every single day, I stick to the meditation functions only. When this company was new it only offered guided meditation singles and courses. This was a range of 3, 5, 10, 15, and 20 minute meditations ranging in categories. The categories are things like creativity, kindness, Basics, Pro, Grieving, Handling Sadness, Financial Stress, Prioritization and much more.

Now Headspace is involved in a lot more areas to help you grow and develop in your life. With any of the paid plans you will get access to everything on the platform.

Group Meditation - Now you are able to meditate with a group of people online instantly. This can help keep you motivated and inspired to keep going.

Sleep - In the last year or so Headspace has added a full sleep section. Sleep is important to the entire wellbeing of your life. Getting the proper deep sleep will help keep you feeling energized throughout the day. There is everything from sleepcasts - storytelling in soothing voices to wind downs - meditation and breathing to prepare the mind for sleep, sleep music, soundscapes, and sleep radio. If you are someone who always has trouble getting to sleep, or you constantly wake up in the night be sure to check out these functions.

Move - Exercise programs and singles are also available on Headspace! Everything from stress release, reframing anxiety, and more. They offer mindful cardio - guided audio to get your heart pumping, feel-good yoga, quick workouts, rest day meditations, and performance mindset from pro NBA players. I have yet to dive into any of the Move workouts but it is on my list of to do’s. I think this is a fantastic option to perform at home workouts especially during the covid-19 pandemic. Not only will you get guided meditations when you subscribe but exercises to help you physically as well. Lastly, they offer a full 4-week plan - 28 days of workouts to follow along with.

Focus - The focus section includes things like focus music, focus exercises, mindful earth - immersive experiences created with BBC Earth, Energy Shots with Kevin Hart, and Soundscapes.

As you can see Headspace does really go above and beyond when it comes to what they offer. It is no longer a stand alone guided meditation app, they offer everything from sleep, focus, exercise, and much more!

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Whose it For?

Especially in today’s day and age I think Headspace is for everyone ranging from young to old. I am so happy that I started using this years ago and have benefited from it greatly. Focus and attention spans are becoming more limited each year. Our mental strength is weakening and entitlement seems to be more common than ever.

Learning to be silent for a given period of time each day to focus on your breath will be beneficial for everyone. Whether you are an athlete, mom, stock trader, business owner, entrepreneur, student, or anything else. I am positive mediation will have a positive impact on you and the people around you in your life.


While I have not tried anything else myself as far as meditation apps I will give you some other names to look into;

While you are free to choose whichever one you like, I highly recommend trying the free Headspace version. I am not affiliated with Headspace in any way, I really like the structure, style, and ease of use of their app.

Interested in learning more on mindfulness and meditation? Be sure to check out Andy Puddicombe's Ted Talk!

All it takes is 10 mindful minutes

Final Thoughts

Should you use Headspace or any other mediation app? Absolutely. Even though you can do this for free, anywhere, I highly suggest trying it out. The ability to track everything including your time meditated and run streak is nice to see. Not only do you get access to guided meditations but an entire array of exercise and other health singles and courses.

I have had little if no glitches with this app and it has always worked when I have wanted it to. Overall I give it a 5/5 stars and would be shocked if any other platform comes close to offering this much value for the price. If $69.99 USD seems a bit steep for a year membership for you then talk to your friends and family. Signing up for the $99.99 family account included a total of 6 accounts. Equaling less than $20 USD per account. If you're a student then you're even more lucky, as you’re able to get an annual membership for only $9.99.

I personally think this app is well worth $100 USD per year. Even if you want to test the first year out with guided meditations and cancel to try it on your own, I think it would be a great stepping stone. Being more present and mindful day to day is key to living a happy and healthy life.

Scheduling in time to get some Headspace each morning and night for 10 minutes can have a profound effect on how you deal with things throughout the day. Being more level headed and calm will be two keys that come out of it. You will also be able to focus for longer periods of time on things you want to do. Whether this is school work, renovations, thinking, or just being silent. Focus is dropping at an alarming rate these days, and we all must work on lengthening the amount of time we can focus on one task for.

Be sure to check out the Headspace APP HERE. If you have any questions or comments be sure to send me a message. Thanks for reading the post today! I will be releasing another blog next Monday, so be sure to stop by then for some more great content.

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