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Why Goals ALWAYS Work - Accomplish More

Why Goals Always Work - Accomplish More - YOL Blog

Why Goals ALWAYS Work - Accomplish More

Do goals actually work? Does having a plan or a target in fact help you get where you want to go? If you want to accomplish more in your life and get more out of your life you’re going to need to set goals.

While I’ve covered goals on my blog before I wanted to write another post on the importance of having them. Too many people go without goals and struggle to accomplish what they want for years or even decades! (Don’t let this be you…)

If something as simple as writing goals works for so many successful people why don’t more people set them? While having goals may be easy, it can be daunting thinking about setting aside time to think and process the information. Everyone wants the easy route nowadays of scrolling on their phones aimlessly while thinking minimally.

Thinking is so important but requires effort. Goals take effort to create and that’s why they often get overlooked by so many people. While just the act of creating your goals won’t help you accomplish them, it’s a fantastic start.

Starting can be one of the most important steps to doing anything you want in your life. If you never start you may never do what you set out to accomplish. By taking the time to write your goals out you are creating a small amount of momentum in the right direction.

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Successful people know if they want to get more done they need to have the structure in their lives. While some may get lucky with big wins and fame, most people spend years and decades creating the right circumstances for themselves. Goals will give you the target you need to get what you want to be done.


The nice thing about goals is you can edit, delete, and swap them out whenever you need to. People change, circumstances change, and your goals will change over time. If what you wanted last year doesn’t interest you anymore change your focus!

Some of the things I wanted to do a few years ago have shifted from what I want to do and accomplish today. This isn’t a time to get discouraged but rather shift your focus to get what you want.

If you’re someone whose goals change every single week you may want to have a serious sit down with yourself as to why. While your goals will transform and change from year to year you should have a general plan overall. Meaning the main things you want to accomplish in your life - the person you want to become.

Let’s say your main big goal within the next 12 months is to compete in a fitness show. The smaller supporting goals could be about nutrition each week, amount of training sessions per week, weekly reviews etc. Hitting these smaller goals will eventually allow you to compete in 12 months’ time.

The Time is NOW

Take 15 minutes today to figure out 3 big things you want to accomplish in your life. Shut off your devices, turn off your TV and sit down with a pen and paper to think. Taking time like this is extremely valuable for you and your future. Are you someone who wants to travel the world? Become a millionaire? Or have a family?

Whatever you see yourself doing - think BIG. Don’t limit yourself in any way. If you couldn’t fail and money wasn’t an issue what would you want to do? Don’t let other people tell you what your limits are - stop believing everyone else. It’s time to think as big as you want and believe you can and will accomplish it!

After you’ve spent 15 minutes writing down the 3 big things you want to do, sign up for my free goal-setting course. I know you will find a ton of value to help you understand more about goals. By the end of the course, you’ll have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish and set 5 important goals.

Thanks for reading today’s post I greatly appreciate it. Be sure to stop by next Monday for more new and exciting content, see you then.

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