• Chris M Wilson

Foam Rolling 101

Foam rolling is a technique used to roll out your muscles along different parts of your body which helps push the lactic acid out and promote faster recovery. Lactic acid is a chemical byproduct which is formed from exerting your muscles. This leads to tightness and soreness. Rolling is used by athletes as well as people looking at improving recovery time while helping to prevent future injuries. Foam rolling is easy and everyone of all ages can learn how to do it.

Foam rolling can be done pre and post workout between 15-20 minutes for best results. It helps to loosen up your muscle tissues. Ideally you want to prioritize rolling out post exercise to push out the lactic acid which has formed from exercising. Hitting the main large muscles like your back, legs, and hips is key. You can also focus on areas where you may be tight from constant day to day use like your calves and forearms.

I have many different types of rollers all from a company called Trigger Point. They offer great high-quality products for a good price. If you’re just getting into foam rolling, I’d suggest starting with their standard 13” Grid Foam Roller. This is all you need to get started and will be able to target most parts of the body with ease. If you want to get into some tighter areas like your glutes and hip flexors you may want to add the Trigger Point foam massage ball to your bag as well. You can also buy a lacrosse ball which will work for tighter areas instead of the Trigger Point ball. I have used lacrosse balls for getting out knots in tight areas for a long time now.

I like to have a couple small rollers in my gym bag that go with me to and from the gym. That way before or after a session I can grab my rollers and spend some time on some tight areas. You want to focus on the tight areas because that’s where your tissue needs to be freed up to allow better recovery time and feel. You may feel some slight discomfort or soreness over the next day or two after rolling out, this is completely normal. It’s similar to feeling sore at the gym and will go away with time.

If you want to up your rolling game higher you can invest in the Trigger Point vibrating rollers. These are chargeable and vibrate at different frequencies to help loosen up your muscle tissues even more.

Check out the Trigger Point Vibe Plus Roller.

Check out the Trigger Point Mb massage Ball.

Here is a fantastic intro video to foam rolling from Trigger Point. I highly recommend their products and use everything I have recommended in this post.

When you exercise and work on your health you also need to take time to prevent injuries as well as help your body recover. This is why foam rolling should be added into your routine. You don't have to spend a ton of time rolling but 15-20 minutes post exercise can keep your body healthier than ever. Thanks for checking out the post today, stay healthy and remember to take care of your body.

Chris Wilson