• Chris M Wilson

Exercise Essentials

Exercising can make our lives much better. It helps our bodies to work properly and fight off bad viruses. It allows us to feel great and be at a healthy weight. We tend to have more energy throughout the day when we exercise consistently as well. Staying active at a gym has somewhat shifted through these times during the Covid-19 pandemic. I along with many others haven’t returned to a gym since all of this begun in March.

In this blog we’ll go over some great exercises essentials to keep your health a top priority. Picking up some resistance bands, foam roller, and a yoga mat may be just the thing you need to get back on track.

How to Exercise Regularly

Workout in the morning before the day takes over your time. Starting and sticking to a set plan and schedule like 6:00 a.m. before anyone else is awake and your workday starts is great. Creating a healthy habit of waking early to sweat will make you feel great and on the right track to dominate your day.

Leaving exercise until after work or your to do list isn’t a recipe for success. Be proactive and prepared by putting your training gear out the night before. This can help set your new routine in motion. Set out your shirt, shorts, and shoes beside your bed the night before. Fill your water bottle and get your headphones ready. Don't allow anything to become between you and your workout. Leave the excuses alone.

Exercise Outside of the Gym

Taking advantage of things like body weight exercises and bands will be great during this time. Doing a 30-minute circuit – continuous exercises back to back 3-4 times a week will keep you on track. Some exercises you can include are pull ups, push ups, crunches, burpees, jumping jacks, and wind sprints.

Ensure your heart rate is elevated – some heavier breathing and sweat is a good sign. This will help with fat loss, detoxing your body, and building up your cardiovascular endurance.

Pick up resistance bands, foam roller, and a yoga mat to tackle your routine at home. Buying a scale to have in your bathroom is a nice way to keep track of your weight each week. Having the essentials at your fingertips will aid in training at home or outside.

Rep Ranges

If your interested in building muscle, you will want to stick to 8-12 reps for 3-4 sets per exercise. Chest presses, bent over rows, and squats can all be done using different thickness resistance bands changing the weight. Increase your bands as you warm up and your muscles get filled with blood.

If you want to follow a routine more geared towards weight loss, you will want to increase your reps to about 15-20 for 3 sets per exercise. This increases the amount of time your muscles are under tension. Which in turn will focus on endurance and burning more calories. You will still be building muscle in the process.


The word everyone seems to hate in the exercise world – cardio. Cardio time's range far and wide depending on your goals. But if you are looking to live a healthy lifestyle you will want to incorporate a good cardio warm up of 5-10 minutes and a cool down for the same amount of time during any given training session. The warm up allows your body to get some blood flowing and increase your heart rate. The cool down helps push the lactic acid buildup that formed during your workout away to improve recovery time.

If you are looking to shed some weight doing cardio for 30 minutes to 1 hour - 3 times a week will most definitely do it accompanied by healthy eating habits. Find the form you like doing best. Is it the bike, elliptical, rowing machine, or stair master? Incorporating 2 different types of cardio throughout the week can keep things fresh and challenging. If your looking to push yourself even further try doing an hour of fasted cardio as soon as you wake up. This is on am empty stomach where your body will burn a very high amount of calories and fat.

Breaking Plateaus

The inevitable plateau will happen to everyone in the exercise world. This is when your progress starts to slow down or halt. All the gains and improvement you saw early on seems to slow and it can be hard to further your results. This is common and the key to breaking them is change. Let’s say your goal is to lose 10lbs in 12 weeks. Almost a pound a week for 3 months. An aggressive goal but doable with some hard work. If you plateau after the first 4 weeks and can’t seem to lose more weight you must make small adjustments. These can come in the way of lowering your calorie intake per day, increasing cardio per week, increasing training time and/or intensity, adjusting the type of foods you eat, sleep, water, supplements, and more.

Making small changes at a time like increasing cardio and adding a supplement will help you to see exactly what adjustment led to a further progression. Many people get discouraged when they plateau. You can still be work hard but only achieve 10% of the results you were before. This is where your mental attitude will come into play. See the bigger picture and have faith you can reach your goals. Stay strong mentally and committed to why your trying to achieve what you are in the first place.

I hope this post has helped with some common questions and tactics for exercising. If you are interested in furthering your knowledge about creating a healthy life, we have just the answer. Our book Optimal Health – A 9-Step Guide to Creating A Healthy Life is now available in 3 forms: E-book, paperback, as well as audio book.

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Chris Wilson