• Chris M Wilson

Daily Planning - Creating a Successful Day!

Planning your day can have a big impact on shaping your life. If you can plan to have a successful day you can bet, you will live a life of intention and meaning. Daily planning can be anything from organizing, scheduling, and planning your normal day to day activities while achieving positive habits.

Daily planning starts the night before and writing out what your intentions are for the following day. Plans do change and some things never go as you may hope, but if you have a vision of how you want things to go, it will increase the likelihood of it happening. Sitting down for even 5-minutues the night before and writing in a journal or planner will help you immensely. If you fail to control your time and schedule someone else will always take it away from you.

A planner is critical to win days. When you win days, you start to win weeks, months, and then years. But it all starts with a small effort and a small step which is the actions you take each day. There are hundreds if not thousands of planners on the market these days and finding the “right one” can be difficult. Luckily, I have done some deep trial and error myself and have narrowed it down to 3 of the best in my opinion. Check out Dailygreatness, Panda Planner, and the Full Focus Planner. These all differ slightly from another but are based on being organized and scheduling your time.

Not only is a planner helpful but even more importantly you must commit to the right positive habits. The habits you do each day will shape your future self. If you want to be discipline with physical fitness and nutrition, then you will need to create the right habits each day that support that. Many people focus on the end result and get overwhelmed by how huge a leap their goals seem at the beginning. When you focus on 1 or 2 small habits each day, they will lead to big results in years to come.

Some great habits you can aim for each day are to track your food intake, track your money earnings/spending, workout, read, meditate, journal/write, go for a walk, wake up early, read your goals, think, learn, play a sport, practice an instrument, talk to a friend/family member, be thankful for what you have, work on a side hustle, learn about stocks and so much more. The main goal should be to transform any negative habits you may have each day. Such as sleeping in, looking at your phone too much, having a negative attitude, rushing, eating junk food, or watching too much tv. Transforming these small seemingly insignificant habits into positive ones will work wonders.

You should also aim to schedule your time each day, this way you will make the most out of the free time you have. I have heard the excuse “I don’t have time” too many times to count. I have been extremely busy myself on many occasions and can tell you some of those days are hard to control. Although, most of the time you do have enough time to schedule in what it is you want to do. It all comes down to your priorities and what matters to you. Scheduling your time in 30 minute windows or more will keep it simple. Even if you want free time to yourself to do nothing, scheduling it into your planner can help you to stick to it.

Saying no to bosses, friends, or colleagues can sometimes be the magic word you have been searching for. While everyone likes and values a team player, knowing when you need time for yourself is key.

I hope these tips and information can help you to transform each day into a success. Start small and tackle one problem at a time until your days are under your own control. Check back next Monday for another great post.! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram at YourOptimalLifestyle.

Chris Wilson