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How to Expand Your Life Through Contribution

How to Expand Your Life Through Contribution - YOL Blog

How to Expand Your Life Through Contribution

Give and you get - true or not? Let’s get into the depths of contribution and how giving can be one of your most valuable and fulfilling paths in life. Expanding your life can take years if not decades of study, practice, and belief. What a lot of people leave out when it comes to personal development is how to give and the opportunities that come along with it.

Contribution is vital to living a life of abundance. Whether we talk about love, money, health, freedom, time, or peace, we can get back more of what we give. I started contributing financially to many different organizations years ago. Not only am I able to help people eat, live, have fun, and more, it brings me a huge sense of fulfillment and happiness.

I used to be the person just like so many others out there today, I’d say to myself I want to contribute financially but only when I have a little more. Next year I’ll have more where I can give to some charity or organization in the future - or so I told myself at least. Unfortunately, when you earn more you spend more - thus leaving with you still no more to give in the future. There is no perfect time to contribute in the future - the best time is right now.

Today is the DAY

Today is the day to make someone’s life better. Contributing money or time starts right now. Not when you have more, but with what you have now. If you need to create a budget do it (by the way I wrote a book to help you do that - click here to read it).

If you need to wake up earlier to volunteer your time somewhere in the evening do it. Today is the best time to make a change and contribute to something you’re passionate about. Helping others will intern help you at the same time!

Action is the biggest goal killer. Millions of people each year have ideas that may change their life or even change the world. Yet, only a small percentage even take the first step. Acting now will help you to beat procrastination and get started.

Everlasting Growth

Where do you want to grow in your life? Money, health, time? Figure out the areas in which you would love to improve each month and year. Decide right now to contribute to something in that area. Not 3 areas or 5 areas, just one.

Even if you can affect one person’s life for the better you have done great! When you decide to commit to contribution in one or many of these areas you will gain more money, health, and freedom in return. While you may not see results right away, be patient, good things take time.

Where you want to grow - give. This may seem like an odd statement to some people so let me explain the logic behind it. Your mind is very powerful and affects the outcome of your daily life. Your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are the determining factors of what you do and achieve. The person you become.

By giving you are creating the belief in your mind that you have enough already - the abundance mentality. With this belief, you will attract and gain more of what you give. The mind is an extremely powerful tool - this isn’t black magic nor nothing new. People have used this technique of contribution for thousands of years successfully.

Contribute to Three Things

What are 3 areas you want to grow in your life? Are you tired of being broke? Tired of having ill health? Enough excuses, it’s time to act and to give. Write down the 3 areas you want to improve right now.

Once you have these 3 areas on paper figure out one way you can contribute to that area. For example, if you want to grow financially consider donating $50 a month to a local charity you want to support. Don’t think of giving your entire paycheck, you need to survive too.

$50 may seem like too little of a contribution, right? The truth is it doesn’t matter how much you give at the start. The point is to build that habit of contributing something small each month. Also, consider the big picture - if 1000 different people in your city donate $50 a month to that cause, your measly $50 contribution x 1000 people is now $50, 000!

Write down the places or people you want to contribute your efforts to. How often will you contribute your time or money? Giving can have one of the most powerful effects on people. It can be very gratifying to give towards a bigger cause - a bigger purpose.

Who’s Giving? The BIGGEST Impact

Sticking with our financial example as it’s an easy and tangible way to see contribution. Who’s giving the most? Who in the world is making the biggest impact on charities and organizations across the globe? The answer may shock you.

Remember our $50 a month donation example we talked about previously? It’s individuals who make up over 70% of the contributions! Donating more than $286, 000, 000, 000!!

That’s right, individuals like you and me donate more than 286 BILLION dollars a year. While some give more and some give less, it’s about everyone working together towards the total amount. These numbers are massive and only achievable through the vast amount of individual contributions.

So, are you ready to give? Has this post inspired you to donate your time, money, or love to a certain cause? I hope it has. We can all improve on giving more each and every day. While you need to look out for yourself, there is nothing more fulfilling than giving and sharing your money, knowledge, and time with others.

It’s time to make a difference in your world - and it all starts with making a difference in someone else’s first. Happy giving :).

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