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Consistency – The Secret to Success!

To be consistent means to do something over and over in each timeframe. Consistency is the ultimate key to success and if you aren’t achieving the results you want in any given area of your life, you will want to be more consistent.

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Consistency is what separates the amateurs from the pros in any given avenue. If you want to achieve a health goal like to lose 10 pounds but only go to the gym twice a week, it will take much longer and be more difficult to achieve your goal than rather going to the gym 5 times a week.

If you want to progress in any area of your life, work at being more consistent. This could be anything from losing weight, saving money, getting better at a sport, waking up earlier, reading, spending time with family, or whatever else.

Today I will go over why you need to be more consistent every single day (especially the days you feel like skipping out). This discipline can be shifted to many other areas of your life and will help you to achieve great things.

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How to be More Consistent?

Ok, well if consistency is the answer then how do I be more consistent you may be asking? Well, having a plan and a target can be a great start. When you “wing-it” and just try and make things happen day after day you will eventually fall off the wagon and get interrupted. While if you plan how much money you want to save every week or month, it will help you to do it for many months in a row.

When you commit to a plan for yourself you will be shocked at how consistent and good you can be. For example, a while back, I wanted to meditate every single day for 10 minutes a day. That was my main goal, to meditate daily but with no bigger target. So, in the end I would mostly meditate every day, but I would also miss a day here or there, big deal? Not really no, but I strongly believe you can always keep improving. If you want to achieve bigger results, then you’ll have to be even more consistent! I eventually started setting a bigger goal, like I wanted to mediate 90 days in a row. After I achieved that it got even bigger, to 180 days in a row, and then finally now 365 days which I have just achieved! Setting a target to hit allowed me to be more consistent than ever before.

I’m not telling you this to brag but the opposite. With a bigger target in sight and a plan of action – to meditate without fail every single day for 365 days straight I was able to pull it off. Do you think I would have accomplished the same kind of consistency while wanting to meditate daily? Clearly not. This goes to show you that you must have a clear target in sight!

The Power of Compounding

I recommend checking out Darren Hardy’s book – The Compound Effect. It is a fantastic easy to understand book built with the idea that when you are consistent day in and day out, the effects will compound on each other. Resulting in bigger and more vast results over time. If you haven’t yet read it, you can pick it up HERE. The book is overly simple, but covers the basics that will get you the results you crave in your life.

This is the same with money as well. The longer you have invested money over time, the bigger and bigger it grows via the power of compound interest. You have much more potential to create huge amounts of wealth the longer and more consistent you continue to invest and add more funds.

Luckily compounding doesn’t just apply to money, but your health, happiness, schoolwork, career development and more! The more consistent work you put in over time results in bigger and better outcome every time.

The 1 Day Rule

It’s fine to have a break here and there, everyone needs time to rest and relax. Although, if you want to achieve huge results and there is something you want to pursue daily, try not to miss more than one day in a row.

If you miss 2, 3, then 4 days from your gym routine guess what? You’ve now begun to shift the momentum and are on track to stop going to the gym before you know it. Therefore, if you miss a day, don’t sweat it, but don’t miss another one right after. This results in a broken chain that can be hard to recover from. By only missing one day the odd time your results will still be paying off!

No one’s perfect and things do come up from time to time, so if you must adjust your schedule then do it. Getting back on track as soon as possible to keep going is extremely important.

Accountability Partner

I talk about the importance of an accountability partner in my first book Optimal Health. Having someone or a group to go to the gym with can in fact help you to be more consistent. An accountability partner can have a massive impact on the choices you make. Having a friend or coach schedule a time to meet and a plan will help you avoid those dreaded lazy days. Skipping becomes harder and you have someone else to hold accountable as well. It pays off for the both of you month after month.

I highly recommend finding a friend, family member, coach, class, or group to hold you accountable with whatever goal you want to achieve. This will likely have a positive impact on you and everyone else in it. When you work together you will be much stronger than if you go at it alone.

Track Your Habits

Tracking your main habits every single day will help add a visual aid to see your progress. I started doing this years ago and love the ability to physically see my progression. I have an app called Habits. It is super basic and easy to use. All you need to do is type in the habits you want to track.

My currently daily habits are - meditate, read, exercise, guitar, and audiobook. These are 5 things that I strive to do every single day. After I read, I go into the app and check off the box for that given day. When you start to see a string of checks you will be even more motivated to not break the chain.

You can also get more detailed information from previous months and even years to see your progression on graphs and best and worse months. I find a simple app like this is immensely helpful to make sure you are staying consistent with the main things you want to do each day.

I hope today’s post helped you understand how important being consistent really is, no matter what you are after in life. Building momentum, strength, wealth, an audience, or anything else can take time and patience. By committing to being consistent you will ensure the best possible results for you and your future! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you back next Monday for a new post.

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