• Chris M Wilson

Change your Habits, Change your Life!

Do you want to change your life today? Well you can do it one positive habit at a time. 3 years you will look back and laugh at how basic it all was. No secrets, no magic pills – something more powerful – Habits.

Today I want to talk about habits and why they are important to everyone. What is a habit?

Habit – Regular tendency or practice, one that is hard to give up

There is a lot of information online about habits. I would like to touch on a few key areas and outline the importance of habits. Why you need to create positive daily habits, which will have a massive impact in your life.

We all perform habits every day. Whether it’s brushing our teeth as soon as we get up, putting on our jacket before our shoes, exercising each day, drinking enough water, saving money, staying up too late, or watching too much T.V. Habits are all around us and we perform them all of the time.

I want to make sure that you are creating positive habits that will help you to grow and have a better overall life.

10 positive habits you can do everyday:

  • Workout

  • Stay hydrated

  • Sleep 8 hours

  • Play an instrument

  • Read

  • Journal

  • Meditate

  • Spend time with family/friends

  • Play a sport

  • Learn

The average time frame it takes to build a new habit into your routine is approximately 66 days

Although this number can range drastically depending on the person and the task at hand. Someone may be able to start reading for 1 hour everyday in a couple of months, while another person it could take a year to read 30 minutes a day.

The idea is to stick with the positive habit for 2-4 months to really form it into your daily life. Once you have done this they will be ingrained into your routine. You will perform it on autopilot, like a plane landing on a foggy runway. You will no longer have to think about doing the task at that given time, you will have created the habit and will perform it with consistency.

We can form new habits, or we can change our habits. A new habit like getting into a gym routine 5 days/week if you have never worked out. You can change a negative habit into a positive one. Ex. If you have a habit of going to McDonald's every morning for a breakfast sandwich you can change this to making a healthy smoothie each morning instead. It will take time, dedication, and sacrifice to build or change a habit. It can be difficult and uncomfortable to make changes but once that new habit is formed you will be well on your way to accomplishing more and living a more meaningful life.

People fall into their known ways and 10 years later are wondering what happened to their life. It can sometimes be hard to take notice of the negative habits we perform day to day but these will have lasting affects on us down the road.

Do you know someone that never shows up on time? Well they’ve formed the habit of showing up late, so they rush, they make excuses and always show up late. It can be difficult to break this habit, you may start with setting your alarm to go off earlier in the morning, as well as setting a time 15 minutes earlier to leave for work.

Creating healthy empowering habits each day will help you live a fantastic life. Let’s say you want to read 10 pages per day in 10 minutes. A realistic goal for just about anyone, 10 minutes a day. If you stick to this habit everyday for one year - 365 days x 10 pages/day = 3650 pages in one year! That is about 15 books that are 250 pages long. Think of what you could learn from 15 different books each year. When you look at it this way you can see the benefits from something that only takes 10 minutes a day. Many people will barely read a couple of books in their lifetime after they’ve graduated from school never mind 15 each year.

What if by creating this habit you learned something that changed your life beyond your wildest dreams. Or you came up with that idea, business or insert the blank here ____________________________. Your habits are this powerful, they will be the determining factors leading your life. We need to take the time to get uncomfortable and build fantastic habits into our lives.

The right habits can shape your life into something bigger and better. The key is to find out where you want to go and who you want to become. Do some research on some of the people or leaders you look up to. What habits do they perform each day? Can you instill these into your life as well? Maybe these habits have helped them get where they are now..

People all over the world are living their lives for better or worse by the habits they perform each day. You have the power within you to wake up earlier and exercise before work. If you can just get past the discomfort and fight the pain for the beginning, you can and will change your life into a brighter future.

The truth is it doesn’t really take any more effort to wake up on time than waking up late. Or spending all your money instead of saving it. You must build positive habits and get rid of the negative ones. Once they are in your life, they will be the new norm. No more effort, just how you go about your day.

I hope some of this information helped outline what habits are and why they are important. Habits are the daily building blocks of our lives. Whether we choose the good or the bad blocks, we will continue to build over a lifetime.

Chris Wilson