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Be Resilient During Challenging Times

The Oxford dictionary defines being Resilient as - able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations. Now more than ever is a time to be resilient in your life. Challenges will always come up for everyone, everywhere. Having the ability to get back up and move forward is a critical skill in your life. Luckily for you I believe resiliency can be acquired overtime and you can “build it up” so to speak.

Hey, I’m Chris M Wilson an online entrepreneur, author, investor, and coach. I’m founder of Your Optimal Lifestyle, a brand to help people like you reach their true potential in life, through improving their health, increasing their wealth, and creating more freedom in their lives. If your new here welcome! I create and post weekly blogs (every Monday) to help you transform in key areas of your life.

Today I would like to talk about something that you and I need now – resiliency. As stated in the beginning this is the ability to recover quickly from difficult situations. Have you ever had any difficult situations in life? Losing a job, a loved one, flunking out of school, failing an exam, or anything else, I’m sure you have already had your fair share of difficult times in life.

For me it’s been quite the roller coaster as well. Although we will have challenging times in life, it sure makes the highs even higher. For me it’s been a constant struggle of getting laid off from my job. When I started my career in aviation as an AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) back in 2009 I got laid off from my first 7 jobs in a row. This was a tough blow and made it extremely hard for me to pay my bills and keep going. Deep down I knew I had to persist and not let something derail me off my main goal – to get great experience to one day not be the one getting laid off, building a solid career up.

I was resilient for over 8 years straight, working at the best of my ability and biting my tongue every now and then while smiling and nodding 😊. Now I can safely say it has paid off without a doubt. I now earn over 400% what I used to while working nearly half of the hours… This is just a small example to show you how it can pay off if you can stay on track of your main objectives while pushing past difficult times.

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Your Why

While being resilient is a skill that can be learned, it will no doubt be hard to stay positive and keep your head up when things turn for the worse. One key takeaway to remember is you always want to know your “why”. This is the bigger reason why you want to achieve your goal. For me while I started my career path my main why was to gain enough experience where I was no longer the lowest person on the totem pole. Thus, providing the company with more value so they would be less likely to lay me off when tough times came. This would act as the foundation to launch my career to the next level.

Money, fame, fortune, and other materialistic items are usually never enough of a “why”. This is usually why most people fail to attain what they want, because they give up when the times get tough. Your why will ultimately be your guide so to speak. It will act as that little flame when hope seems so far off in the distance. Without a big enough why your chancing of being resilient day after day start to dwindle.

Getting to your why can be hard, it will take some serious thought and quiet time. If you only want to graduate university because your parents want you to, it will make it difficult to endure small or large issues along the way. Whereas if you want to graduate university with honors to get a good starting job in the workforce, then you will continue to push past the tough times with more ease.

Your Tribe

When an unfortunate event happens such as losing your job things tend to go downhill. Your credit card is maxed out, your landlord puts your apartment up for sale, there’s no food in the fridge, your car transmission explodes... It never seems to be a dull moment when things start to take a dive for the worse. Going at it alone will be more difficult then having a solid support system around you.

A support system can be anyone from your partner, a best friend, your parent(s), sibling(s), or even an online group. This person (or people) will provide you with much needed comfort and support to get back up and to keep moving forward. The one thing I will warn you of beforehand is that you want to be careful of who you allow into your tribe. This is because you are influenced greatly on your environment and the people around you. If your tribe consists of people without jobs, hobbies, good friends, or money, they will likely not provide you with the needed support and motivation to get going again.

Having even one person you can talk to about difficult situations or issues in your life can help you immensely. Don’t underestimate the power of your tribe and why you need to craft one around you (with caution). The goal is to lift you up, not tear you down. Unfortunately, in today’s world most people will tell you to play it safe or not set your goals too high. I’ve heard it too many times myself and that’s why I now keep most of my plans quiet.

Actions always speak louder than words.

Practice Makes Perfect

This old saying holds true here as it does for practically everything else – practice makes perfect. The only way to get better at being more resilient is through years and years of practice. It will take time, blood, sweat, tears, effort, hard work, and a lot of mixed emotions to keep going.

Without practice you are merely wishing to build resiliency from nowhere. Trust me, losing the job sucks, but in my experience, it can open new and even better opportunities in the future.

In today’s world everyone wants results now. Whether it’s becoming a multi-millionaire, finishing school, getting your dream job, or buying that Ferrari, they want results now. Not tomorrow and not next year! This can be a dangerous mindset to get into, as it most definitely will set you up for failure. Having a long-term consistent approach to your goals will beat the fast paced burn out every time.


Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard of the overnight successes in the world, but the truth is it took 10 years until that overnight success was found. Social media, the news, media, and people around us like to believe every headline with 100% truth and accuracy. Sometimes things can absolutely change in a short amount of time, although it usually will take years of practice before you master your craft. Patience will be your best friend on the road of your life.


If you want to be resilient with your wealth and health, I recommend checking out our 2 books – Optimal Wealth and Optimal Health. They both include great actionable steps and tips from over 15 years of experience of my previous failures. Learning from someone who as achieved the results you are looking for will help you to get there faster!

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Be resilient,

Chris M Wilson

Entrepreneur & Purpose Coach

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