• Chris M Wilson

Adapt to Change - Learn, Grow, & Transform Your Life

Now more than ever we must all come to accept change as the new norm. Gone are the days of going out to eat with friends without masks or following your normal daily routine. The gyms are empty or closed and most other places in Canada are saying to stay away for now. The COVID-19 pandemic is in full force and is having a major affect on everyone.

Adapting to change and unforeseen circumstances can be challenging at the best of times. Stress, worry, and uncertainty are the new norm for almost everyone. I’m here to tell you even though all of this sounds bad and negative you can continue on a positive path. Every situation has a positive side and adjusting your course to the new normal will help you to stay on track and succeed.

Some of the ways you can keep improving and moving forward are sticking to a set schedule, planning your days, exercising, read, meditate, learn a new language, start and online business, learn or practice an instrument, or video call long lost family and friends.

Now could also be a great opportunity to switch gears and go after a new career or major lifestyle change. Security is something that may feel less and less each day but continuing to move on with your life and push forward is key. Everyone likes comfort and security, but this is a great time to get out of your comfort zone and take some bigger risks.

Controlling your time and schedule will be of the utmost importance. If you treat your days by being productive and organized, you will grow throughout this pandemic. Learning and thinking are two highly underestimated traits. Most people have more time on their hands than ever but still continue to waste it. The time is now to read and learn as much as you can. Online resources, courses, seminars, and training are now being broadcasted all over the world. Never has there been a better time to access knowledge in an instant than ever before.

Ways to Adjust

Commit to doing 3 new things from your norm. This could be anything from reading, meditating, and working out each day. If you commit to three new positive habits for a month you will reap huge benefits. Creating positive habits now is great because you likely have the time and schedule to make it happen.

Accept you can’t control everything. Are you stressed about random things that don’t go your way day to day? I know it happens to me from time to time and it’s difficult to let it go sometimes. Whether it’s traffic or work or anything else that doesn’t seem to go as you had planned. If you stop worrying about these things you will live a much happier and peaceful life. The only thing you can control is your mind and how you react to any circumstances.

If you want to be more present and calmer try meditating for 10 minutes a day. Meditation is known to bring joy and calmness to those who do it. Like exercise if for the body, meditation is for the mind. Learning to take control of your mind and get in a more positive state will take time and effort. By training the mind with silence you will be able to let go of doubt and worry more often.

Take the time now to not make excuses but make a difference. Not to watch T.V. but learn something new. If its time and freedom you hope for, lots of you have more than ever before available. Don’t waste it, rather make the most of your days, weeks, and months. Being able to adapt to change is an important quality to have. People who can solve problems on the fly and adjust have a bright future ahead. Accept and welcome change to make the most of the new year ahead. In best health, happiness, and freedom.

Chris M Wilson