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You are # 1 - Looking out for YOURSELF

You are Number One! Looking out for Yourself - YOL Blog

You are # 1 - Looking out for YOURSELF

Life is fun, sad, interesting, exciting, terrifying, happy, and of course a roller coaster to say the least. Things change, people change, you change, and everyone’s on a ride of their lifetime. If you don’t lookout for the number one person in your life - YOU, who else will?

While looking out for yourself first may sound selfish hear me out…

Your life matters greatly and if you want to make an impact bigger than yourself it all starts within. If you lose your health, your way, and your life so to speak, how could you ever possibly look after anyone else? It all starts with you.

Taking care of yourself not only physically, but mentally is critical to living a happy and healthy life. In today’s blog post I wanted to dive into why YOU matter and why looking after yourself should be the number one thing on your list of TO DO’s.


I’ve found many ways in my life to build the right habits for my health and longevity. I encourage you to do the same for your life. Doing things like exercising, walking in nature, and eating nutritious foods will help you to feel great and keep going year after year.

The importance of your health and wellbeing is the foundation of everything else in my opinion. Without your health, many things may seem worthless in the end. How could you ever support other people, share adventures, or do something new?

This is why I wrote the book Optimal Health - to promote the basics of health and wellbeing in a simple and easy-to-understand (and apply) 9-step guide. Check it out here!


The world is all about short-term gratification now. People put in the minimal effort while expecting HUGE changes overnight. Unfortunately, things don’t quite work like this.

If you think with a long-term mentality you can help yourself commit to habits today that will benefit you tomorrow. By looking after your health and wellbeing now you are impacting your future self 5-10 years down the road.

Small steps yield big results over time. Chip away at smaller goals each day, week, and month to accomplish what you want in the end.


What do you love doing? Your top 3 go-to activities or hobbies you want to do right now? Everyone has something they enjoy doing, whether it be going to the gym, playing sports, skiing, going on walks, or reading a book.

It’s vital you take time out of your day to do what you love and do it often. What’s the point of working so much, being physically and mentally exhausted, focusing on money, materialistic items, and chasing fame, all to do what others want of you and be a slave to the system.

Stop saying you don’t have time to do what you want and start doing it today! Prioritize doing something you love to do at least 3 times a week like reading a book or going for a walk. It doesn’t have to be all day every day, but a few times a week will help you be happier and smile more often.

If you’re struggling to know what you love and what you want out of life, consider taking my FREE goal-setting course - The Ultimate 5 Day Goal-Setting Course. I go into everything goals and more to help you gain clarity and start accomplishing important tasks to get you closer to what you love.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - your mornings are the most important time to work on YOURSELF and your goals. The morning time is powerful, quiet, peaceful, with minimal distractions, and where maximum results await.

There have been numerous books written on the power of a morning routine or morning ritual (stay tuned as I’m currently creating a course on this).

The morning time is a perfect time to look out for your mental and physical health. The goal is to create a few positive habits that will help you grow each day. This could be anything from reading, meditating, exercising, goal-setting, planning, journaling, sitting quietly, thinking, relaxing, or just being thankful.

If you wake up 30 minutes or 1 hour earlier than your normal routine you have just gained 30 minutes to 1 hour per day moving forward. While it can be tough to change and shift your habits and sleep schedules it can be done - and the results are worth it!

The beauty about habits and sleep is your schedule and routine can shift as you keep sticking towards a set routine (changing habits). While it can be difficult to set this routine up and stick with it, once you do and your consistent enough it will become second nature.

You will soon be on autopilot waking up an hour earlier and getting some important tasks done right off the bat. The struggle is totally worth the payoff in the end. Creating a routine like this can literally change the course of your life for the better.

Successful people know the power of a morning ritual and use this time wisely each and every day. Some of these people even go as far as accomplishing more in the morning than others over the course of an entire day


While the main point I want to get across in this post is to look after yourself, the end goal is so you’re able to pass on your knowledge, expertise, and experience to many - creating a bigger impact in the end.

Helping others is extremely gratifying and there is more than enough to go around for everyone. People who share their knowledge and skills get more back tenfold (I’ve experienced this first hand with health, money, and mindset).

If you want to have a greater impact than yourself when you die helping others should be at the top of the list. By focusing on yourself first and foremost you are opening up more opportunities to grow and reach heights like never before.

Thanks for reading today’s post! Don’t forget to check out my FREE goal-setting course!!

Chris M Wilson CEO of Your Optimal Lifestyle self help brand.

Chris M Wilson

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