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5 Places you Must Visit!

Interested in travel and adventure? Today’s blog is about the 5 places you must visit in North America. I have visited all these places at one time or another and will include photos from my own travels. I enjoy travelling to new places whenever I can. It’s fun to see new areas and have new experiences. Travelling opens you up to things you may not be used to or accustomed to like foods, behaviors, slang, behavior or whatever else. It can have a deep impact on you and your life and I’m sure you will have a great time! Check out the YOL YouTube channel for more travel content.

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Location # 5 – Muskoka – Ontario, Canada

The Muskoka’s is a must visit destination. It has a special place in me as I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time around this area growing up. My family had a cottage there, where we would visit as frequent as we could. Here you can enjoy activities like; boating, sea-dooing, wake-boarding, water-skiing, swimming, fishing, or hanging out around the campfire.

The Muskoka District includes a lot of small towns with tons and tons of lakes. It is located about 3 hours north of Toronto. I would recommend going in the summer months anytime between June to September. You can expect hot and humid weather likely above 30 degrees Celsius. The lakes are relatively small, so they are still refreshing but not freezing. Lake temperatures can be around 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer which is about the same as a heated swimming pool.

Lush green trees surround the lakes where outdoor activities are happening all summer long. There is a lot of beautiful rock that line the highways and are in and around the lakes and landscape as well. Cliff jumping is common in many places. Outdoor patios and barbeques are happening daily. The fishing is great and it’s nice to get some peaceful time on the lake.

Location # 4 – Whistler – British Columbia, Canada

Whistler is home to one of the world renown ski resorts Whistler Blackcomb. It has over 200 marked runs on 2 different mountains and has visitors from all over the world. It is a fantastic place to go if you love skiing or riding. This was one of the mountains that hosted the 2010 winter Olympics. The terrain is suitable for all ages/levels. The only downfall of skiing whistler now are the prices. Unfortunately, over the last several years prices have gone up and up and you can expect to pay nearly $200.00 a day for one lift ticket…

Whistler has a lot to offer during the summer months as well. The prices are at highs in the winters and come down slightly over the rest of the year. There seems to always be some party or event going on every single weekend in whistler. It draws huge crowds of mountain bikers in during the summer months. The mountains are high around 8000 feet tall and tower over the massive village below which includes a ton of restaurants and stores.

Hiking is also a huge activity in Whistler. Most of the people are outdoors oriented and go to be outside and enjoy nature. It has a slow pace and is nice to go up and relax for the weekend. It is usually a busy spot on holidays and weekends so if you can go midweek that will be your best bet.

If you go up the gondola to either Whistler or Blackcomb mountain in the summer for sightseeing or the winter to ski you will have the opportunity to take the Peak 2 Peak Gondola. This gondola allows people to connect from the top of Whistler mountain to the top of Blackcomb. This gondola is spectacular… It is a 4.4 km long, 11-minute journey. It is the worlds longest unsupported span at 3.024 km and the worlds longest continuous lift system. When you get to the entrance of it you have the choice to wait in the regular line (for a normal gondola) or you can wait in the other longer line for the glass floor gondola. Either gondola is amazing in my opinion but if the line isn’t too bad go for the glass floor. It adds a bit more to the overall experience.

Location # 3 – San Diego – California, U.S.A.

San Diego is a place I visited last year for the first time. It is an amazing spot at the southern part of the United States just above Mexico. The city lies right near the ocean where the temperatures are hot year-round. Surfing can be done depending on the time of year not far from the city.

There are massive aircraft carriers in the bay that can be seen during the day. San Diego is home to a large operational Navy force. The famous Navy Seals also do their training right in San Diego at one of the training bases in Coronado.

I highly recommend going and checking out the retired aircraft carrier the U.S.S. Midway. It is now a museum that sits right outside the city for the public to explore. Tickets are cheap around $20.00 per person. Expect to walk around in the ship to see all the different rooms and finally go on the top deck where there are helicopters and jets. It takes between 2-4 hours to see most parts of the ship.

If you like sports be sure to check out San Diego’s Major League Baseball team the Padres. They aren’t the greatest baseball team, but the tickets are fairly cheap and the stadium is amazing. It’s right in the heart of downtown. There is no roof so you can see all the skyscrapers and towers around you. The environment is fun and it’s a great way to spend your afternoon or evening.

Lastly and most importantly in San Diego is the world renown Zoo! The San Diego Zoo has over 3700 + animals! It is spectacular, it is so big (over 100 acres) there is an overhead tram, buses and endless walking paths. We spent an entire day here and didn't even cover it all. You will see giraffes, lions, elephants, monkeys, flamingos and much more. The foliage and vast amounts of forest and gardens is amazing.

Location # 2 – Maui – Hawaii, U.S.A.

Maui is one of the islands in Hawaii. It is laid back and very relaxing. Surfing is popular as well as snorkeling, hiking, or laying on the beach. Maui can be hot in the summer, near the 40-degree Celsius range, so you may want to plan your trip early or late summer. The water is very refreshing as the temperatures are warm.

The snorkeling is unbelievable, and you can basically go from any beaches or water access spots and see tons of reefs and wildlife immediately. You will want to bring your snorkeling gear if you have it or rent it for your entire trip from a local shop. It’s something that’s easy and fun for everyone. Throw on your goggles and flippers and go for an hour or two each day. You will also see sea turtles in the water when you are snorkeling or from the beaches. These creatures are unique and some of them are massive.

If your new to surfing like I am, Maui is the spot to learn. The waves are generally small (1-3 ft) in places during the summer and the water is only a few feet deep. Sand bottoms make it even better for beginners to go out and get up on a wave. I took a surfing lesson in Kehei where we walked across the road from the shop and surfed. It was a great experience and I will do it again.

The Road to Hana is one of the coolest parts of Maui. This is a scenic 65-mile drive with 620 curves and 59 bridges. It is in dense tropical rain forest and there are a ton of waterfalls throughout. This place is amazing, and you must see it in your lifetime. The roads wind along the mountain side with the ocean right beside you. Most of the bridges are one way so traffic can be a bit of an issue during the busy times.

Finally, you will want to go up to the volcano Haleakala. We went to see the sunrise when we visited and hiked for a few hours in and around the volcano after. It’s above 10000 ft above sea level and has a Mars like look and feel from the dark lava rock spread out as far as you can see.

Check out my video of the sunrise and hiking Haleakala!

Location # 1 – The Grand Canyon – Arizona, U.S.A.

The # 1 place to visit on my list is the Grand Canyon. Pictures do not do justice for this place…. You must see it with your own eyes to get the experience. As far as you can see is rock carved out from the water below. The rock is rich with all kinds of different red and beige colours. When the light changes it also changes the colours of the rocks.

There are 2 main parts of the Grand Canyon the North Rim and the South Rim. If your coming up from Phoenix, it is about a 3.5-hour drive. You will end up at the South Rim of the canyon. This is where I was and got to explore all the stops across the entire canyon. The cost is about $30.00 per vehicle for a 7-day period which is a steal of a deal.

Photos are needed here but like I said before it just isn’t the same as seeing it yourself. We hiked in and around a bunch of different spots which is the best way to see new areas and views. It took about 2 days for us to explore a lot of the South Rim. Although only a small spec was really covered as this place is enormous.

If you are into hiking, I suggest bringing your gear and going into the Canyon early morning for a few hours. The elevation can be somewhat steep and the temperature changes intense. If you are in good shape and an avid hiker, you won’t have any problems. When hiking down you only then start to understand the actual size of these rocks and cliffs. You are basically an ant when you go deeper down. If your health isn’t the best you will want to stick to the top areas where you can park your vehicle.

Accommodation prices can be expensive especially if you want to stay in the park. We stayed in a smaller town about 45 minutes from the park for about a third of the price per night. If you want to save some money and still get a fantastic experience book out of the park.

Well that’s it for my top 5 places to visit in North America. I hope you learned some new and exciting places to travel and enjoyed the pictures from my own adventures. Thanks for checking out this post. If you are interested in improving your health to be able to do cool stuff like this please check out our E-book Optimal Health - A 9-Step Guide to Creating a Healthy Life.

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