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5 Habits to Healthy Living & Longevity

Struggling to stick with your New Years health goals? Tired of going to the gym seven days a week and dieting so hard your constantly hungry? In our mind looking after your health and body is of extreme importance. Why make huge sacrifices for money, a job, promotion, family matters, or whatever else if you aren’t looking after yourself? In today’s post learn the 5 habits to promote healthy living and longevity in your life!

I am fortunate to have over 15 years of experience in health and wellness, training in the gym and eating nutritious foods to promote a strong immune system and healthy body. Looking after your health will take some time and effort but less than you might think. If you try and do everything will 110% right off the bat you will likely get burnt out and give up.


5 Habits to Healthy Living & Longevity:

Habit # 1 – Eat the Right Foods

Habit # 2 – Hydrate ASAP

Habit # 3 – Exercise Often

Habit # 4 – Take a Time Out

Habit # 5 – Relax


Like anything else in life, it all starts with the right habits. A habit is something you do consistently without fail. After about 2-months of doing something day after day it will be part of your normal routine. This is when you don’t have to try or even think about doing it anymore. Keep reading to find out our best tools to live a healthier life today!

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Healthy Habit # 1

Eat the Right Foods

Now this may seem like a no brainer to some, but nutrition has the most impact on your health. The better your food intake is the more likely you will stay strong and be clear headed. Good nutrition can look different for many people as everybody’s body reacts differently to different foods!

The basic idea is to eat natural whole foods each day. Sticking to 3-5 smaller meals loaded with dark leafy greens and fruits will keep you energized. Nuts provide great healthy fats and lean protein such as fish, chicken, and turkey promote muscle growth. When in doubt add more vegetables and fruit and you will likely feel better day to day.

Avoiding eating out can not only save you a lot of money overtime but will likely result in you eating better foods day to day. Anything packaged is processed and likely contains many ingredients. I like to stick with the concept of trying to make all the food you eat for about 5 days per week minimum. This will ensure you are creating more healthy options and to stay consistent with proper nutrition.

Timing isn’t as important as the types of foods you choose although it can help you with digestion, sleep, and proper fuel at certain times of the day. Eating when you wake up is a good idea to help your fasting body get the proper nutrients it needs to function. Avoiding eating after 8pm or so is a good idea as you want your body to get into a deep sleep, if you eat before bed your body will be focused on mainly digesting your food and not sleeping.

Want more? You’re in luck! We have a simple guide to help you finally reach your health goals. Read your copy of Optimal Health today to accomplish what you’re after.

Healthy Habit # 2

Hydrate ASAP

Hydrating is usually at the bottom of many people’s priority list. This is to drink more water to ensure your body is at an optimal level. Drinking a minimum of 500mL of water first thing in the morning will ensure your dehydrated body gets the main ingredient it needs right away.

Our bodies are made up of approximately 60% of water or so. This means staying hydrated is necessary to increase your health. Water helps to flush toxins out of your body and regulate the flow and delivery of nutrition and nutrients to the proper areas of your body.

If your focus is solely on eating right without drinking the proper amount of water, you will be selling yourself short. Water is key to the body and mind. Have you ever been so busy some days, running around, travelling, that your too busy to drink enough water? In the middle and end of the day you have a pounding headache and feel horrible. This is usually because your body is dehydrated and it’s telling you to hydrate asap.

We recommend drinking no less than 2L per day. Anything less than this and you will most likely be dehydrated. More isn’t always better but to ensure you feel great stick with anywhere between 2-4L each day.

Healthy Habit # 3

Exercise Often

One day a week, three days, or five days? How often do you really need to exercise to take control of your body? Well, this depends on sever factors, some of which would be weight, sex, age, and body composition. If you want to build the habit of getting regular exercise start with three days a week. If you want to get faster results and feel better each day try exercising five days a week.

Try being active for at least 45 minutes to an hour each session. This will ensure your heart rate increases building up your cardiovascular strength. Leading to a healthy heart and improvements in your body. Try and sweat during your workouts, this is a sign that your heart rate is increased, and you are pushing yourself.

I enjoy going to the gym myself although it isn’t for everyone. Find what works best for you and what you enjoy. This could be anything from biking, jogging, sprints, gym, classes, yoga, resistance band training, walking or anything else. Doing something you don’t dread is important to keep going consistently.

Exercising with a friend or meeting with a group of friends can help to motivate you and hold you accountable. If you’re struggling to find time to go, plan ahead with a friend to workout together at a specific time. Holding each other accountable will be crucial on the days you don’t really feel like going. Nine times out of ten you will feel much better after your workout than you did before. This is especially true if you don’t feel motivated to go in the first place. Once it’s over, you will be thankful that you ended up going in the first place!

Healthy Habit # 4

Take a Time Out

Take a time out? What am I four? By taking a time out I mean to enjoy some quiet time on your own. Life is so busy and if you don’t take some time to look around and be present it will fly right past you. Even just five minutes of sitting alone undisturbed without any devices around you can be liberating. You don’t have to do anything, that’s the entire point.

Having quiet time like this carved out in everyday will keep you refreshed and feeling great. Just let your thoughts pass and try and focus on the breath. If you want to live a healthy life you must take care of the body and the mind. Working out and exercising helps to improve your body, but this time helps to refocus and calm the mind.

You must look after yourself first and foremost. This isn’t selfish but rather necessary to living a life that is positive and exciting day to day. If you have a hard time finding this time because you are so busy, schedule just five minutes each morning to relaxing and being alone – device free. Sitting there with your thoughts can be tough, that’s why the endless time passes on phones, apps, and tablets. Always numbing the mind with random posts and negative media. Disconnecting will be crucial to living a healthy life of gratitude while being in the moment.

Healthy Habit # 5


Taking time to relax isn’t quite the same as getting some quiet time in. Relaxing is necessary for everyone in all situations. Yes, you can work like crazy go into a burn out and crash hard months or years later. If you prioritize relaxing even for a small amount of time each week this can make your life much less stressful.

Do the things you want to do, go hiking, watch your favorite movie, spend time with others you enjoy being around. Relaxing doesn’t mean to waste unnecessary amounts of time but rather spend the time doing things you actually want to do. This helps to recharge our body and accept the things that are going on in our lives.

Taking a vacation or weekend off can work wonders for you. There are many stories of extremely busy and successful people taking a much needed few days off and coming up with some of their brightest and best ideas yet. The moment you allow your body to relax and focus on other areas are the key moments when you think of the next big thing. And even if you don’t, you know you will be well rested and ready to tackle whatever problems come your way in the future!


Remember, it’s not about the latest fad or health trend. Sticking to the basics, following a strong set of proven habits will get you the results you crave. Read Optimal Health and apply what you learn with our Worksheets. Even if you don’t read the book, you can download the Health Worksheets for FREE!

In best health,

Chris M Wilson

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