• Chris M Wilson


If you are into personal development and enjoy working on yourself everyday, then I imagine you are constantly looking for that edge to be on top. Becoming successful in any endeavor will take time and consistency. In this blog I will go over 3 success habits that have worked for me and I am sure can work for you too.


1. Rise Early

2. Read Daily

3. Write Down & Review Your Goals

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Rise Early

Time can seem to slip away from us minute by minute. The constant rush and buzz of our phones and never-ending distractions happen daily. How can you work on yourself and get ahead when there is not enough time? At least that's what you tell yourself. Being able to manage your time and get what needs to be done should be the goal. Although when you are rushed in the morning and already late everyone else seems to get your time before you do. Therefore, rising early to set aside time for yourself is key.

Having the time allotted for you to do whatever you want focused solely on you. You will not have enough time in the day or later in the evening to do this. Realistically, you should prioritize yourself first thing. 1 hour works great but even 20 minutes can work wonders when done daily. Use this time to focus on the areas you want to improve. You can exercise, make a healthy breakfast, journal, read, meditate, plan your day, or review your goals. Waking up earlier than normal can be tough and uncomfortable at first. You must stick to your new routine and it will get easier with time. Soon you will have created the new habit of rising early allowing you the necessary time to work on yourself.


If you want to do one thing that can have a huge impact on your future success it will be reading positive information everyday. There are tons of books out there geared around anything and everything in terms of personal improvement. We are fortunate enough to have access to some of the greatest knowledge and wisdom in the world. By setting aside 10 minutes or 30 minutes plus a day you will be investing in yourself and learning. Reading non-fiction books will help you improve your life. If you enjoy reading fiction to spark creativity and fun than you can do that as well. Reading is known to be peaceful and reduce stress. It is something you can take time to be silent and calm each day with yourself.

I recommend reading something positive each morning and night. Aim for a goal of 10 pages in the morning and another 10 at night minimum. Avoid news and media content whenever possible. These constantly push negativity and will likely do the opposite of what your trying to achieve. No one ever became successful by following the pack. If your doing what everyone else is doing guess what? Your going to achieve the same results as them. To be the exception you need to do and perform things the opposite of many others. Focus on yourself to develop important areas such as health, wealth, career information, and hobbies or things that interest you. You will be providing your mind with rich and powerful content to grow throughout your life. Consistency is the name of the game. If you can do this day after day, it can have a profound impact on your life.

Write Down & Review Your Goals

Having goals is great but when they are in your head they are more like dreams and fairy tales. We must have concrete tangible goals written down with specific deadlines to achieve. This not only gives you a clear heading of your path but also greatly enhances your chances of achieving them. Creating the life and future you want starts and ends with goals. Remember to think big and believe that you can achieve them. Stop following the pack and thinking small or you will continue to get small results like everyone else.

I suggest writing down 7-10 goals you want to accomplish from now until the next 2 years. You can also have some bigger long-term goals like to own your own house within the next 5 years and have smaller savings goals along the way. Although, I have always had good results from focusing on accomplishing certain goals within a 2-year timeframe. When you set more aggressive timelines you are more likely to act sooner and get started. This is often the biggest hurdle of all. We may fear so many different things that it can stop us from even moving forward. Having clearly identified goals can be the difference maker to taking that first step.

Have your written goals beside your bed and review them every morning and night. Be sure to do an overall review of them each quarter (3-months) to ensure they are still relevant. If you need to adjust or replace some then do it. Writing out your goals can take time and thinking power. Something a lot of people are not used to doing these days – using their mind to problem solve and think. Do not get discouraged just get something down on paper to aim for. You can always go back and adjust what you need to later.

Well there you have it, my 3 success habits – Rise early, reading, and write down & review your goals. All these positive habits have helped me over the years. Put one or all 3 into your daily routine. You can even accomplish your reading and goals at the same time you rise early. Getting the important stuff done right away each day ensures it doesn't get left out until "later." Thanks for reading the post today and be sure to check back next Monday for more information to help you live Your Optimal Lifestyle.

Chris Wilson