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3 Health Habits to Boost Your Life in 2021

3 Health Habits to Boost Your Life in 2021

What is it really like to be healthy and why would you want to do it? Healthy habits are key not only to living a great life but will also lead to more joy and confidence. In today’s blog I give my top 3 health habits you may want to adopt in 2021 to get off the couch and into your groove.

Everyone has the choice each and every day whether to make healthy decisions or unhealthy decisions. Ultimately, these decisions affect your future life in the short-term as well as the long-term. Forming healthy habits will make you feel better day to day while allowing you to spend more time with those who matter to you.

A habit is something you do automatically day after day without even thinking about it. There are many studies that have been done on habits, in short it takes around 66 days to form a new habit into your life. Forming positive habits around your health are very important and will pay off for many years to come.

While some habits may be easier or harder than others to adopt into your life, ridding your negative habits and transforming them into healthy ones will be the main goal. Do you know 3 unhealthy habits you perform each and every day? I want you to write down 3 habits you do everyday you would like to break once and for all.

This could be anything from watching tv, partying, smoking, eating junk food multiple times a day, over eating, spending hours on social media, spending hours on your couch, gossiping with others, and so on. Go ahead and figure these out now.

Now that you have a general idea of 3 unhealthy habits in your life we have a good basis to start from. Ideally we want to shift these to 3 positive habits to benefit you and others in your life.


My short list of 3 healthy habits:

Sleep for Growth

Ensure you’re sleeping around 7-8 hours every night. While many people advocate the never ending hustle of life and working to exhaustion, the truth is in order to perform your best work you must be functioning at a high level. In order to do any kind of work to this level you need to be properly rested.

CEO billionaire of Amazon Jeff Bezos is a big advocate of getting the proper amount of sleep each night. He believes in getting a solid 8 hours every night which boosts productivity and making high quality decisions. Bezos is someone who understands that quality over quantity really matters. Yes, you can sleep less and be awake for more hours, but this doesn’t equal the same amount of quality hours if you are exhausted and tired.

While sleeping too little will lead to exhaustion and burn out, sleeping too much will also have negative effects on your body and energy levels. There is no perfect answer to the exact number of hours of sleep you need as everyone is different. A general rule of 7-8 hours will work but you need to test this out for yourself.

If you can stick to a consistent schedule each and everyday your body will perform better. This would be going to sleep at the same time every night and rising at the same time each morning. Your body will get into a solid rhythm and know when to sleep and wake up. For the best rest ensure you’re sleeping in a cool dark room that is device free!


If you want to learn ways to optimize your exercise, nutrition, and goals be sure to check out my book Optimal Health. Available on Amazon right now!

Water for Life

We humans are mostly made from water. We can survive without food but won’t last long without water. Water is critical to our wellbeing and survival. If you’re reading this is North America or other first-world countries you likely have fresh water that comes right from your tap - for free.

Other parts of the world are not so lucky. Having no nearby clean water to drink, meaning they must travel far to replenish what they need frequently. Water is essential to all life, yet why do many of us neglect to take the small amount of time to drink it, even if it is so accessible?

If you have free, clean water from your tap you have no excuse to neglect your water intake. My biggest tip with this is to always travel and carry a 1 liter water bottle with you everywhere you go. This will ensure you have fresh water to stay hydrated when you are out and on the move.

Most people I know don’t carry a water bottle. They supplement their water intake with endless cups of coffee, sugary drinks, and whatever else isn’t clear and free. While I enjoy a couple cups of coffee each day, it’s still a big priority to drink plenty of water as well. Aim to drink a minimum of 2-3 liters of water per day. More if you’re working hard and sweating.

Drinking enough water daily is a healthy habit you don’t want to skip. The food you eat will get processed better, you will have more energy throughout the day, your skin will look better, you won’t have constant headaches, and you will feel less hungry.

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Eating Right

When I used to compete in men’s physique shows I would constantly get asked - “what’s the one thing I can do that will help me get into better shape?” While there are several ways to improve your body shape and muscle mass the one thing that trumps all workouts and quick diets is the food you eat every single day. A popular saying is that abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. This holds 100% truth as to get a very lean physique it will come down to your nutrition.

Eating healthy foods every day will help you get into the best shape of your life. Yes, when paired with exercise it will compound the effects, although the food you eat day to day have approximately 70% of the effects on your overall physique. Eating the right foods in the kitchen will help you with energy levels, thinking power, confidence, and longevity in life.

Eating massive portions of bad food has become the norm because it’s quick and easy. Quick and easy anything gives you poor results regardless of what it is. There’s a reason McDonalds combos cost $8-10 and contain 1500 calories. This is another area where quality far outweighs quantity. While eating healthy is usually paired with expensive and time consuming I want you to understand the overall price you will pay.

Eating right is the fuel you provide your body with. You want to put in the best foods possible to give your body the proper fuel to operate day to day at a high level. No, you don’t have to buy everything organic and become a vegetarian. Rather, you want to be mindful of what you put in your body each day and how you feel afterward. Eating right may cost a bit more, but is your life worth it? I would sure hope so...

Many people may opt for the quick fix that is cheap and easy but feel like crap after and be drained of all energy. If you take notice of how you feel after each meal or snack you will start to understand what foods are good for you and what are bad.

Making food at home will no doubt be the cheapest and best option when trying to eat more healthy. This is where you decide exactly what you want to eat, what the portion size is, and what is in it. Aim to make food from home a minimum of 5 days a week. Any less and I would be inclined to say you're eating out too much. If you are rarely ever home and are constantly on the go, figure out places or ways to eat out that are better for you than the typical fast food.


A quick recap:

Healthy habits are important to living a great life. Figure out what your unhealthy habits are today by jotting down a list. Start to transform these unhealthy habits to healthy ones. Focus on your sleep duration, water intake, and nutrition.

These are the staples to living a healthy life. Beware of the quick fixes and 30 day hacks. These may help lose weight in the short-term but are usually not the best for your health in the long-term. Be sure to get our book Optimal Health and give it a review on Amazon when you are finished.!

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