• Chris M Wilson

2021 New Years Resolutions - What Works & Why! New Year - New You - Goal Setting

Why is it that every year comes and goes, people set new years resolutions but fail to follow through constantly? Why are our ambitions and hopes so high come January and yet we can’t seem to continue on our chosen path? Read on to find out our take on what to do to follow through with your goals and more on our New Years blog!

Setting new years goals seems to be popular among many. Let’s go through how you can actually follow through! When you have good intentions at the start of the year, you have passion and motivation. You set big goals in a short time span. When you set a goal like: lose 30lbs in 4 weeks on January 1st, but haven’t been to the gym in the past 6 years it can be setting you up for failure right off the bat. We are not saying that a goal of losing 30lbs is far fetched – because it’s not – rather that going from the all or nothing mentality leads to quick burnout.

Tip # 1 – Set Goals Year Round

Goals are your compass and vision in life, you need them as much as they need you. They guide you to the ultimate life you want to live. By focusing on say 3-5 goals on January 1st and then giving up on all or some of them within the first 8 weeks is tough. Not only does it make you feel bad, but you lose momentum quickly.

Goal setting is huge and must be incorporated year-round! For the best goal setting habits, set 7-10 goals for the better part of the year. Take small consistent actions every day to chip away at accomplishing your goals. Go back to the drawing board every 3-months! This is the time to review and reflect on your previous wins and losses. If you don’t go back every quarter you are likely to fall behind and give up on them, all while moving on.

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Tip # 2 – Set Habit & Achievement Goals

A habit goal would be to go the gym 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6:30 p.m. for one hour. This is when something recurs throughout the week that you want to accomplish. An achievement goal would be to lose 10lbs in 30 days. Having a habit goal like the one above will help you to accomplish your achievement goal. They work together and you are more likely to see positive results when you set both.

When most people set goals, they only focus on the end result – I want to achieve this period. Consistency is the holy grail of getting things done. Reading 3 times a month is ok but reading once a day will have a huge impact. The things we do day-to-day will ultimately shape our future lives.

Tip # 3 – Enjoy the Process

We all might say we want to be in better shape or have a million dollars. When we only focus on the result it leads to frustration and unhappiness. By enjoying the process, the little things, the hard things, the sacrifice, you will enjoy life as a whole more. Going to the gym after work can be tough, or saving a bit of extra money each month, but you must take time to step back and smile. I’m sure there are a lot of people who are far worse off than you. Be grateful for the moment and thankful for your journey. One day you will look back and laugh at what you’ve been able to do. Always enjoy the process and what it takes.

Tip # 4 – Learn More About Yourself

If you set goals to only get more money, clothes, status, cars, or houses it can lead to emptiness. When you don’t know you or your why, you’re likely following what the media or what others want for you. Get to know yourself on a deeper level. The best way to learn about yourself is to answer key questions about you and your life. There is a great self-analysis we love in the back of the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It’s about 6-pages long and goes into great detail. Go over the questions with someone who knows you well who can help provide unbiased answers.

Another fantastic way to learn about yourself is to take the Clifton Strengths test. This is an online test where you answer a bunch of different questions. At the end of it, it reveals your top 5 strengths. It costs $20 and is well worth it the money. We wouldn’t base your entire life of these strengths, but it can act as a good guidance. Clifton also offers a top 34 strengths for a higher charge of $50. This seems a bit much to us, but if you really want to know go for it!

Tip # 5 – Take Action!

Getting off to a good start with your New Years resolutions requires you to put one foot in front of another. Setting goals and having your vision is the easy and fun part. Imagine where you want to be in 6-months time, maybe work at a different job, make more money, help people in your community. Once you set your goals and have specific timelines down, you are ready to execute. Take small steps each day, don’t try and accomplish everything you want in 4-8- or even 12 weeks. Great things can take more time than you initially anticipated. The key is to get started with small actions each day that will get you closer to where you want to go!

Thanks for checking out our post today, be sure to check out our books – Optimal Health and Optimal Wealth to kick off the new year happy, healthy, and wealthy! Stay committed and get to know yourself better. Set both habit and achievement goals year-round and don’t forget to enjoy the process! To a rich and prosperous 2021.

Chris M Wilson