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About the book

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Finally, a  simple and easy to understand book on wealth!  You don’t need to be rich to live a great life…

Knowing how to manage money is critical to your success. Being broke and living paycheck to paycheck is surviving, not living. Are you tired of being constantly stressed and worried about how to pay your bills each month?

Create a healthy relationship with money!

Peace of mind

Create peace of mind from creating financial security in your life.


Learn ways to lower your expenses and increase your savings each month! 


Find out how much you should be allocating to debt to come out on top.


Understand money basics and how to put your money to work.

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 "I love that each chapter offers: a plan of action, a positive affirmation to guide our mental thoughts, a chapter review, the chance to reflect on our relationship with money, and a take home quote to summarize the most important idea of the chapter. Most importantly, he reminds us throughout the book that money does not buy happiness."

"Shows importance of building relationship with money and attitude towards it. Love the fact that it covers most important areas of finances is Canada. Well done! Looking forward for next conent!"

 "It is evident from reading Optimal Wealth that the author is a man of integrity with a strong work ethic and a burning desire to help others. Chris' book offers us a plan to create financial freedom! I would highly recommend Optimal Wealth to high school students and adults of all ages."

The time is NOW to take care of your HEALTH!


Download the 9-step worksheet to achieve Optimal Health!

About the book

Optimal Health is an inspiring 9-step guide to help anyone and everyone to achieve a better life through fitness and nutrition. It is based on easy to understand information that truly works for all.

In this guide you will create a plan geared around your own life, schedule and goals. It will be tailored specifically to you, enabling you to gain traction and achieve great results.

Learn the basics to become the healthiest version of yourself!


Understand why your environment is important and plays a big role when looking after your health.


Create a schedule for your exercise routine building strong habits.


Learn to set the right goals to know exactly what you want to achieve.

Track progress

Know where you started and what you have accomplished along the way.

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Why wait to figure it out on your own? Follow this proven 9-step plan today.




If you need a simple effective overview of the principles that will take you to better heath, this book will help you. 

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As a previous fitness competitor myself, it’s great to be reminded of the tried and tested steps to true health.



I would recommend this book to the person JUST starting out, or to the person who has slipped away from their regime.

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A quick to read guide. Chris gave me just the encouragement I needed to remind me to take care of me! Stop waiting and get it now!



 Chris's book helps breakdown health into 9 easy steps. The worksheets help with visualizing your goals and tracking progress.


Specifically, the 9 -step guide has helped me create better HABITS.   This great read has helped motivate me and has given me new tools for my health.

Reading is a big part of growing.

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