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I'm a online educator, entrepreneur, and wellness expert. I coach people to achieve their true potential in life. Whether it's improving your health, increasing your wealth, or creating more freedom in your life, I can help you get there. 
I was struggling to hold a job early in my working career. I lived paycheck to paycheck for too long, but now make over 6-figures a year. I have over 15 years of weight training and nutrition expertise.
By following a plan, we can chip away at your biggest accomplishments to date. Learn the fundamentals to help shift your mindset, create positive habits, set big goals, and stay consistent throughout the process.
I don't believe in shortcuts or quick fixes, making any changes in your life can be difficult and take time. If you're looking for some miracle or pill, you won't find it here.

If you keep waiting for the "perfect time" to start, you will be waiting your entire life.

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I started my working journey in aviation, a career with helicopters, working non-stop and dealing with constant burnout. I worked my ass off and still got laid off from my first 7 jobs, scraping enough money together to pay my bills. 
After 8 years of struggle it finally began to pay off. I began to make over 6-figures a year while only working half of it.
I had the privilege of travelling across Canada for free. It finally seemed like I had made it and my work life balance was leveling out (but was it?).
I had conquered the mountain, I capped out my annual income and was at the top of the food chain so to speak, yet I was unfulfilled.
I am now hoping to help impact even one persons life online. With over a decade of adjustments and trial and error in my own life, I now have the tools to help mentor you where you want to go.
Your life is important, you deserve to be happy, healthy, and free. So, stop surviving and start living. 

You can achieve what you want in life, I'm living proof.

Now, are you ready to go after what you want?
Achieving the life you want on your own is tough. People who claim to be "self-made", or an "overnight success" are bending the truth.
Any successful person knows it takes a team of people behind them and lots of consistent hard work to reach their dreams. 
Learning from someone who has already done it like me, is a sure way to fast-track your own success. 
It's finally time to take a leap and chase your dreams.

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