Chris M Wilson

I am an online entrepreneur, leader, investor, and wellness expert. I have a hunger for success in all areas of my life.

I am originally from Toronto, Canada but now live in British Columbia. I grew up in an active household playing many different types of sports, although I mainly focused on hockey and lacrosse.
When I turned 18 I decided to move across the country to B.C. for a new adventure. I didn't know one other person but knew deep down I wanted to be out on my own.
I have been working in the aviation industry for over 12 years working with helicopters. I mastered my craft working for many different companies, taking me all over Canada. 
I have a passion for non-stop learning and love to upgrade my knowledge and talents every day. I enjoy reading non-fiction; anything to help me improve. I like books on money, productivity, happiness, purpose, goals, habits, and more.
My favorite things to do are snowboard, travel, snorkel, and ride my motorcycle at the track. Seeing new places and being out on the water is a must.
Writing has become a new outlet for me and I like the feeling of getting my knowledge and past experiences on paper to help others succeed. 
I have experienced many ups and downs in life and know what it feels like to be stuck in a rut. Persistence is your best friend and being able to get back up when you're down is critical.
I value family, friends, health, wealth, freedom, and adventure.

Let me guide you to create better health, wealth, and more freedom in your life.

I've played sports my entire life and have been weight lifting for over 15 years. I've competed in fitness shows in Canada and the U.S.A. Fitness and health is a huge part of my life. It has allowed me to be clear and operate at the highest level in all other areas of my life.

-Good health is the foundation of my life.

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